Wintertime Hunting [Poll]

If it’s winter where you are, is it hard for you to hunt? And Why?

  • Snowy
  • Snowy and Cold
  • Too Cold
  • Really, I’m Just Too Busy
  • Lack of Dartable Creatures.
  • Nah, I’m Fine

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Officially it’s winter but we haven’t had any snow or below 0 temperatures in The Netherlands this year yet! Really boring.

Well its summer here in Aussieland, but when I used to play in Winter it did suck coz I hunted mainly at night, so being out late at night in the freezing weather (and often raining) it made it hard to dart coz my hands would be so cold and numb that it was hard to move my fingers.

Though sometimes the phone would actually get warm after playing a while and would kind of help a bit with the heat. But at first it was hell!

winter hunting is horrible but not for those reasons, in my case. It is horrible because there is almost no daylight hours. When I get to work it dawns, when it leaves last night and, therefore, there is no way to see day creatures from Monday to Friday.

Sometimes I wonder if that happens to me quite to the south (Barcelona), how should the experience be in places much further north that only have 5 or 6 hours of day in winter! Any experience regarding this?

For me also, I arrive at work when it’s dawn and leave work when it’s dusk, so i’m never really out there when there’s day creatures about :slight_smile:
Makes it rater hard to get certain dinos. Argentino I can only get in weekends for example. I guess in countries even more north it’s a similar sight, they just have an even shorter window to do things.
The bigger problem might actually be summer. If dusk starts when you go to bed and you wake up when it’s day time, then it’s pretty hard to get velo, tarbo or kapro for example.

I’m in Kentucky and we experience all four seasons in a single day this time of year.

Buuuut, I work long hours so its hard for me to properly hunt any time of year.

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Tend to arrive at work when its night/dawn and leave when its dusk/night; but I’m self employed so can keep an eye on spawns and go out if anything decent appears or to run scents. If there are decent event creatures my partner and I will often drive a short 30 min loop at lunchtime; switching driver part way round. Usually nets a fair few epics along the way as the loop traverses at least 3 zones.

Well, there are few useful nocturnal dinos and these months it will have been easy to catch many. I don’t see too much trouble in summer.

My main problem, although it has nothing to do with the seasons is the absence of parks. When a creature is from a park, I directly rule out the possibility of evolving it. For example, I hunt an average of more than 3 hours a day and the last turtle I saw was in the month of November. That happens to many members of my alliance but instead there is one who is lucky enough to live and work near a park and sees turtles every day. I would be happy if there were no parks in the game and I think it is very unfair that some players live in countries where Google marks many parks and others live in countries where Google does not mark them and we can never hunt park creatures.

One thing worth seeing is if there is any correlation between those who complain about “sanctuary exclusives” and those who answered that it’s too cold/snowy to hunt.

I just turn up the heat.

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Too dark for me. Literally the main road has street lights and then the rest are pitch black

I don’t fancy being flattened just to get a rare creature

Here in Finland almost all of the snow has melted away(where i live), so only problem is that I do not have much time and I am scared of glare ice. lol

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When iPhone 6 runs this game, it turns into a nice hand warmer

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Where I live snow isn’t even present, the weather just gets cold and that’s it

Voted too cold, not for me, but for my phone… It dies instantly outside.

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I’ve rarely visited L2 lately, because evenings tend to get very cold, even my touch screen gloves start to become no match for the night cold.

Too bad I cannot choose 2.
I am busy with colleges and my zone is a wasteland where no dinos spawn and supply drops are out of reach

It’s summer now in Brazil. But winter is no problem. Average temperature is about 20C, never lower than 10C. Some winter days above 30C. So…

I imagine that, being close to the tropics, there the days should last approximately the same all year, right? A great advantage for the game.

I would be happy if there was no difference in day / night or parks in the game.

I live in an area where it never snows, so winter isn’t a problem.