Wintertime Hunting [Poll]

It’s too cold here. :frowning:

It has some low temperatures where I live in the wintertime, but jackets usually keep me warm enough to hunt.

Being in Missouri winter can be hit or miss with snow but it is usually cold. This year we have had both. When I used to play pogo in the cold it was much easier to spin and throw a ball but with Jurassic world it is harder because you have to be more accurate with darting. But if I see something I need DNA for I’ll go get it…

Which is where? Ludia HQ or are you at a safe distance in Antarctica?

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It is a slight comfort to see the mods complaining about the same thing as me. Obviously, Ludia can’t control the weather, but Perhaps there’s another feature worth exploring?
My only concern with all of the new features however, is the amount of neccesary bandwidth. Are we close to being in danger of the game’s algorithms collapsing under their own complexity?

Not Antarctica, but it sure feels like it sometimes. :smiley:

So, Siberia?

England winter is the worst. It’s freezing cold, windy, sometimes rains, and we never get snow. And even when we do, it’s so thin that you can’t even make a snowball.

I totally agree…its always either snowing, raining or just plain freezing to go out in

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Very slippery indeed, I once fell on my bicycle while on a darting mission.

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Rain is the worst… :expressionless:

I was actually gifted winter gloves where the thumbs and first two fingers can be used on touch screens :smiley:
This winter has been much more mild than the least one though, at least IMO

visiting various places in Pennsylvania during winters, i can say with certainty that it sucks. hard. Erie is constant snow for most of the year, a lot of it almost blizzard like. While further center, like Altoona and Harrisburg will have all 4 seasons. Sometimes in 1 day or throughout the week. Oh and you can never trust the weather reporters. Something always goes the opposite way.

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Upstate NY, short daylight hours, windy, cold and right now there’s snow/ice from our last storm.

Roads are mostly clear, along with the walking trails maintained by the local municipality, but it’s too windy (10mph / 16kph) and cold (-12C / 10F)

Here in Slovenia isn’t much better. Lately is around -3C/26F late afternoon. So can’t go out without gloves.

In 2016 winter I was taking down gyms in PoGo (hour and half for a gym) in temperatures you have now @DragonHunter. Even with gloves I barely felt my fingers at the end.

@Ned Gloves really help. Pop some scents and get yourself warm with walking.

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Here in Alberta, its basically too cold from november to mid march, with temperatures going from -20C to -35C ish which makes hunting practically impossible aside from commute/green drops. Its part of the reason why its so frustrating when there are virtually no green drops around (during winter).

Below freezing here in Ohio currently. Best way to play is when I’m a passenger in a friend’s car. Other than that, I play when inside a building on my college campus. No way I’m going outside in below freezing weather to dart.

I’m in Western New York and it’s been mild so far, but am hearing we are getting some more snow by the end of the week, the lake isnt frozen so there’s always the chance for lake effect snow