Wired stuff happened today

Edit: I’ve checked and the Kapro and Brontosaurus can be explained by nest spaws.
So I didn’t think this was meant to happen.
First an Apatosaurus :sauropod: during day light (it actually spawns here (on the same small street in suburbia :houses:) every time I drive past maybe it’s wrongly tagged an amusement park?).
Next a Kaprosuchus again during daylight hours.
Then I saw a brontosaurus in daylight also. I could have made a mistake with the spawn times but this is all quite a coincidence to happen in the one day. And I worked a full day today so it’s not like I was hunting very long.
Finally and most annoyingly, now that I’m in bed a Baryonx appears 622m away normally I can see 350m at the absolute most.