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Wish list for 1.11

  1. Remove swap in Rampage
  2. Remove swap in Rampage
  3. Remove swap in Rampage
  4. Remove swap in Rampage
  5. Remove cautious Strike

Anything else?


I still want more non-hybrid dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.


Fix alliance chat.
Fix map.


Better immunity for Phora


Scents working in parks again
No more stuttering in darting
No more stuttering in arena victory screens
Alliance chat fixed
Full zone migration


All of the above plus I still want creature skins we can earn or buy so we can personalize our team a little more


I see you changed your picture :worried:

Hybrid for Alanky, locodon, Ankle biter, and Monomimus buffed.


I kind of want the Dodo bird as a surprise Thanksgiving add in. It’s the only iconic bird that seems remotely like a Turkey to me.

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irritator to spawn in the wild

indominus rex buff (speed buff to anywhere between 109 to ~112, 10% - 20% armour, and new move-set: cloak, armour piercing rampage, distracting impact, defense shattering strike, rest stays the same)

new, more movie accurate looking design/model for indominus rex and indominus rex gen 2, aswell as spinosaurus and spinosaurus gen 2

new, more movie accurate sounding roars and other noises for indominus rex (and indominus rex gen 2) aswell as spinosaurus and spinosaurus gen 2

maybe even some new unique animations for indominus rex (and indominus rex gen 2)

atleast slight ardentismaxima, geminititan, proceRAToMIMEus and indoraptor gen 2 nerfs (insert nerf ideas here)

give instant distraction 2 to 3 turns cooldown (because i hate trykos and diorajas cheap and annoying ID+II+ID+tripple counter attack spam combo “tactic”)

remove swap in rampage and give dracoceRAT a new (and completely hidden from the patch notes, just to atleast try to keep it as secret as possible) swap in self destruction (because we all hate the dracoceRAT)
and then because this will be hidden from the patch notes, just to atleast try to keep it as secret as possible, we rat haters can just sit, watch and laugh as all the FOOLISH rat users foolishly and unknowingly swap in their puny little dracoceRATs to their deaths, and then watch as they’ll probably report like half the player base for cheating or something before they finally find out that swap in self destruction is a thing

fix ALL the bugs

creatures i want to be added:
indominus rex (or indominus rex gen 2) + stegosaurus gen 2 super hybrid (unique)
sarconoboa + quetzalcoatlus super hybrid (unique)
indominusuchus (indominus rex gen 2 + deinosuchus super hybrid) (legendary)
sarcosuchus+ titanoboa hybrid (legendary)
cerataurus + majungasaurus super hybrid (legendary)
the big one (velociraptor from the first JP movie) (either epic or legendary)
carnotaurus + ceratosaurus hybrid (epic)
thanos + tyrannotitan hybrid (epic) (thanosotitan)
stegosaurus gen 2 (epic)
tröodon (epic)
titanoboa (epic)
deinosuchus (epic)
megalania (epic)
giganotosaurus (epic)
therizinosaurus (epic)
pycnonemosaurus (epic)
sarcosuchus gen 2 (epic)
saurophaganax (epic)
gojirasaurus (epic)
yutyrannus (epic)
razanandrongobe (epic)
wooly mammoth (epic)
saltasaurus + tanycolagreus hybrid (rare) (saltycolagreus)
rugops (rare)
quilmesaurus (rare)
argentavis (rare)
titanosaurus (rare)
viavenator (rare)
ceratosaurus (rare)
velociraptor gen 2 (rare)
tyrannotitan (rare)
gigantophis (rare)
indosuchus (rare)
acrocanthosaurus (rare)
dodo (rare)
herrerasaurus (rare)
carcharodontosaurus (rare)
cryolophosaurus (rare)
deinonychus (rare)
hypsilophodon (common)
eoraptor (common)
plateosaurus (common)
mapusaurus (common)
eustreptospondylus (common)
guanlong (common)
euparkeria (common)
archeopteryx (common)
compsognathus (common)
thanos (common)
saltasaurus (common)
avimimus (common)


Either revise the boosting structure so that it is not biased or remove it altogether.

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  1. Multifuse

  2. Boost reset so we can keep up with meta changes

  3. Superhybrids for Phoras, ProceRat, DracoRat and Edmonto so all the people who leveled them high will regret.

  4. Improved alliance leader tools

  5. Bug fixes (alliance chat, spawns, map, etc.)

  6. Scents working in parks or some park related scent.

  7. Reduced alliance mission requirements

  8. Higher sanc DNA yields and an in-sanc chat/ notice board

  9. Boost cap per day from arena incubators.

  10. 15 second timer for AI and AI available from Marshes or the arena below.

  11. Migration of dinos and changes to daily spawns

  12. Rotation of arena, event and park spawns to allow players to hunt Blue, Bary G2, Nasuto and Diplodocus or at least farm them more.


Finally a new Gorgosuchus hybrid or megalosuchus buff, what about aquatic creatures? Maybe donation requests for epic dinos or more dna at sanctuaries?, 2nd team slot, so you don’t have to change your whole team for tournaments, allosaurus gen 2 hybrid

Better matchmaking in arena because fighting dinosaurs several levels above mine is ridiculous

1-remove swap in rampage from RAT
2-fat nerf on proceRAT
3-more dinos added to the game not pigs or chickens
4-campain boosted dinos adjusted
5-new migration im sick of sichomimus
7-diplovenator,diplotator,skoolasaurus super hybrids
8- flying dinos on sactiarys

  1. Buff Monomimus, Stygidaryx and Indoraptor Gen1
  2. Nerf Procerathomimus and Dracoceratops Into The Ground
  3. Remove And Refund Boosts
  4. Nerf Cautious Strike A Bit. Just Remove The Distraction.
  5. Epic DNA Trading
  6. A Dimodactylus Hybrid
  7. An Actual Story Mode
  9. Aquatics
  10. Pterosaurs In Sanctuaries

My Wishlist or Suggestions:

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No procerathomimus Nerf
Dracocera Nerf

And for God sake add aquatic creatures
And please stop adding cenozoic or hybrid creatures and add more dinosaur

No nerf hammer please.
New dinos, abilities and hybrids.
Add way more supply drops.
Increase spawn rate.
Fix chat bug.
Boost reset every big update.
Fix boost prices.

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Hammers are fine. If we nerf them the nails will be too OP.

I think Ludia needs to remove swap in rampage.

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