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Wish list for 1.11

I disagree. I like the nails and swap in strikes. Sides, slight nerfs are fine and sometimes necessary for balance. But hammers? Nooooooo thanks! I want at least some kind of stability on the dinos we invest or want to invest on. Tryko for exemple is perfect the way It is and it’s been unchanged for some time now.
That’s good stability. I want new stuff, but I want the old stuff to remain relevant and strong no matter what is added to the game. This stability won’t stop me from investing on new things, but i’ll be happy that my investment is still worth it and the creatures i love still strong.

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I am sorry but you lost me at supporting the rat.

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I support the rat if two things happen; 1) i pull it and 2) when i swap it in it crits. so far none of those two things happened

I am not saying make the rat worthless. I am saying make it play fair. It still has Speed up, Rampage, Stun and regen moves. That’s a good move set. It does not need a cheat button. Give it more HP or speed if it needs them but remove the SIR.


I want:

  • Pterosaurs in sanctuaries
  • More event spawns
  • Since boost prices inflated, I want bucks to inflate value as well
  • Chat bug fix
  • More creatures. Hopefully some of these:
    • Large Carcharodontosaurs
    • An Epic rarity terrestrial crocodile like Prestosuchus
    • More amphibians and crocodiles
    • An Epic rarity ornithomimid
    • A megaraptorid
    • Toothed mid sized Pterosaurs
    • A Common rarity Brachiosaur type Sauropod
    • Maybe one of these Cenozoics: Mammoth, Daeodon, Titanis, Ambulocetus, Andrewsarchus, Arctodus, Uintatherium.
    • Troodon with poison abilities
    • Oviraptor with thief abilities

  • Hybrids for any of the following:
    • Ankylocodon, it’s waited forever
    • Majundasuchus, it’s waited even longer
    • Diplotator, it’s also waited forever
    • Skoolasaurus, it’s hybrid would be amazing
    • Dsungaia, it’s hybrid would also be amazing
    • Diplovenator, again major potential
    • Dracorat, to just get it out of the way
    • Allosaurus GEN 2, it’s ingredient status is tyrant-bound
    • Edmontoguanadon, just because lol

  • A split arena. One for competitive where boosts are enabled and you compete for season rewards, the other with boosts disabled and friendlier matchmaking that counts toward daily incubators.
  • Better matchmaking
  • Better matchmaking
  • Better matchmaking

Still waiting for the Compys, but I guess they will never be implemented in game…


Its complete trash without SIR. MSS is useless for a dino.with 109 speed. Acute Stun is a joke. Regen is pointless when it gets 1.shot anyway. Rampage is pointless when you prob get kileld next.round.

DracoRat is useless without SIR. It would be a fodder tier dino worse than any Common. Its moveset is fodder class. What can it do against T Rex? Any dino with 120 speed kills it either via Distraction or Rampage. It loses to every dino because it has low damage, middle health, slow and no armor.

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  1. Remove swap in rampage
  2. Nerf procerathomimus
  3. Buff monomimus
  4. Fix all the bugs and glitches in the game
  5. Have level 26 only tournaments
  6. Buff dilorach
  7. Bring swap in dodge back to dodging 100% of damage
    And my most wanted one of all time
    1900 damage
    40 crit
    6000 hp
    60 armor
    132 speed
    Swap in shattering rampage
    Precise shattering counter

Debilitating distraction
Cautious strike
Rampage and run

My favorite creature of all time finally reaching tyrant tier :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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SIR is the complete trash. I said it’s health and speed can be increased. Give is immune to stuns and maybe 10% armor. It does not need to have SIR to function. Everything else in the game does not have it and still works. So, It can be reworked without being a piece of trash that ruins that game.

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Include’s Telltale’s Troodon and Herrerasaurus as a homage.

You forgot remove swap in rampage

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I want an aviary for the pterosaurs because right now they cannot he added to sanctuaries. Also rethink the current boost set up. You advertised it is set in a way that we could get one boost per week but that is not happening! We would have to earn +14 in one category per day to boost once per week. Also there needs to be a way to trade or straight buy dna or something because there are some creatures that I have not been able to get dna for in over 6mo. They aren’t in incubators and they have not appeared on the map. I like the tournaments and daily battles but it would be nice if there were more to do in a campaign mode

Ah yes, I agree they should remove Swap in Rampage

It cannot implemented this time so close to the next update.But consider this for future Updates:

Drone Range: means your drone is capable to fly 150 or 200m away.
So it should spot proximity spawns at this range.
Proximity Spawns are underneath its range

Make it so we can see the proximity spawns in our Drone Range