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Wish list of UI quality of life improvements (Jan 2020)

Here’s my list of easy user interface improvements to implement that would improve my enjoyment of the game:

  • Add back the in game link to the forum.
  • Party and gear load out shortcut (e.g. Drop down menu with custom names like Hard challenge grinding, easy challenge grinding, PvP, Moment of Glory)
  • Special Offer notice does not override Free Chest notification
  • Static order for the Store panel (no more randomly reordering)
  • Last active time on Guild member list
  • Skippable boss death animation
  • Skippable XP gain screen
  • Bot turn length option (Can a be set low for people with good connections and high for people with bad connections)

Wow, it seems you have read my thoughts. I would also suggest adding a mechanism which allows for one touch switching of gear between PvP and Challenge set-ups. This would save me a lot of time and aggravation.

I’d probably add some feature that makes guilds interesting. Right now the active guilds are sort of hanging out waiting for the eventual guild features. Chatting could be easier in guild too, but the guild activity stat you raised above would be nice to have

I suggested point 2 about 4-5 months go - doesn’t look like that on will happen :wink:

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We got the first one. Woohoo!

I’ll add another one to the list to make up for it:

  • More obvious which Challenge rewards have a VIP bonus card (maybe in golden text “VIP Bonus”, instead of just the floating golden card tucked behind).