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Wish list on dinos balance for 1.11

My dream wish list for 1.11 everyone is free to agree/disagree with it :wink: lets start with most annoying dinos right now
remove swap in rampage from game
Rework him to be something like a triceratops
Slow/stun moves

hp nerf to 3200
atk nerf to 1400
speed nerf to 128

atk nerf to 1200

Imunity removed
Gains imunity to distraction
Gains Imunity to stun
Long protection changed to shield advantage
Atack buff to 1450

Indo g2-
Cuations strike does 1x damage purify and evasive for 1 turn
Or speeds up and distracts for 1 turn
Evasive stance last 2 turns instead of 3 (affects all evasice stance dinos)

Reduce its speed to 106
Or a big change keeping it at 110 speed
basic atack becomes decelerating strike
instant charge becomes stuning strike

Atk nerf to 1000
Piecing counter becomes counter atack

Rampage and run changed to raking claws

Buffs :heart_eyes:

Dsi becomes critical impact
Speed buffed to 117
Gets ds counter atack

Hp buff to 3950
Atack buff to 950
Speed buff to 112
Swap in ferocious becomes swap in ready to crush

Speed buffed to 112
Immobilize changed to ferocious strike
Critical buff to 10%
New passive " immobilize" when on field enemy dinos can not swap (afects all crocs)

Nullifying strike becomes vulnerability strike
Rampage changed to nullifying impact
Swap in nullifying changed to swap in defense

Gainst immunity to distraction

Atack becomes 1300
Hp becomes 3200

Ss becomes shielding strike
Swoop does 1x damage ( affects all swoop Dinos)
Instant invenciblity becomes Dsi

Gains swap in stun

Atack buff to 1200
Ss becomes shielding strike
Rampage and run becomes hit and run (1x damage + regen 25% hp)
Medium counter atack becomes medium slowing counter atack

Speed buff to 115

Sorry iff i miss some key dinos😅

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Something in the game needs this ability. Totally worth a look at for the dev team. @Ned pass this idea of Rctuga’s on. Maybe the effect is on the creature itself too just to balance it out a little.


I liked the idea of ready to crush being a swap in ability, maybe all dinos with that should have it like a swap in

Wish list looks more like a complaint list


Smilonemys needs its ATK back; with small HP and lower ATK he is not really good.

I also made a huge list of creatures with fixes if you want to check it out.

-[Fanmade Update] Fanmade 1.11 Update.-

Thor has base speed 109. Chompers supposed to be chompers and Thor is already bad dino. Boosts made Thor problematic. That’s also the reason why can’t be immune to distraction.

Don’t see Megalo changes as buff.

Proceratho and Indo g2 need more counters that are immune to distraction and can nullify. Magna is not a counter, unless it gets speed buff.
Proceratho should get small hp nerf.

Cautious Strike needs rework. Easiest solution would be removing speed up from it. Already cleanses slowing, so no need for speed up and Mutual Fury has speed up. No other creature has two speed up moves, just Indo g2.


Spyx needs an HP boost. It’s been on my bench because I don’t want to waste all my HP boosts on it.

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Chompers also suposed to be the slowest dinos on game due to its hight damage and good HP but what i see is pretty much every hybrid chomper is fastest then 96% of all counter atackers wich isnt right at all
About megalo getting defense shatering counter atack and critical impact i see it has a win men…

Anything other than sending both the rat and proce-rat-mimus to hell will be a new frustration.

For everything else they only need slight changes and simply apply the logic:

  1. The unique must be ALL TOP dinosaurs being Tyrant or High Apex.

  2. The legendary superhibited (indo gen2, tragodistis, Stegodeus, …) must be a little below and can be between high Apex and low Apex.

  3. The legendary non-super-hybrid (for example the damn rat or the monolometrodon) and the super-inhibited epics (Thila, Sarcorixis, …) can be potent but below the previous categories (Medium Apex to High Alpha).

The rest should not be relevant to the game and that includes the damn green chicken.

This should be very simple, but Ludia seems to enjoy bothering the players.

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Woah there buckaroo. Thylaco nerf? Really?

I would nerf its HP to 2700-2800 max and attack down to 1200-1300 (level 30).

For all the broken dinos in the meta, the back to back rampage terror seems to have been forgotten.
Diloracheirus needs to have its speed buffed to 130, as that level of deino. It’s the weakest one among all 3 chickens. Immune to decel is a must. And finally, do something to improve its first round damage, it’s not patch 1.4 anymore.


All this is unecessary restriction and makes the game boring. There’s no problem with having a few lower rarity dinos be able to compete in the endgame. Thyla for exemple is not better than uniques but has a fun kit and is capable of competing with them depending on the matchup, no need to nerf it. This kind of thinking kills variety.


Thanks for sharing this with us, Rctuga. :smiley:

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They are not supposed to be the slowest in the entire game, just slower than their counters(not in the early arenas though, they are the slowest there) . End game chompers should be faster than most tanks or they won’t work. It’s not like they are fast anyway, the fastest has only 109 speed.

It’s just that I didn’t say that Thila should be nerfed !! I never complained about him. I have said that a superhybrid epic can be perfectly a medium Apex and it is good that it is so. Now it is High Apex, that is, it is perhaps a bit excessively good but “just a little”. In the end Thila is a “final” dino and it is good that she is strong. I love to face daring people who have evolved Thila (I have sometimes thought about doing it) and I usually say “Bravo for them”.
Another thing is the procerathomimus that should be at most LowApex and is Tyrant. It simply CANNOT be that a non-super-hybrid epic is Tyrant and instead a unique like Stigydariz is Low Apex.


This. And a spyx buff. Poor thing is pathetic unless crutch boosted

But you mentioned Thyla in your post, while at the same time refering to Rixis and how both should at most be mid apex. Thylaco is in high apex. This contradicts your previous statement and may imply that you want our dear Mutant Otter to be nerfed


Thyla its good and doesnt need any tweak at all on the other hand spyx needs a hp buff to. 3200 i forget him :sweat_smile: my bad