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Wish me luck!

Hopefully the first time in Jurassic Ruins!!! One more battle when the next incubator opens.

Which in reality means I’ll probably drop down to circa 3600 lol.


Good luck. Let us know what the view is like from up there. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Good luck!

Unless you face me,… which you probably will as I’m bouncing up down between 4200 and 3800 right now… :wink: in which case may monomimus be thou downfall :sweat_smile:


I’m going through the exact same bounce right now. And may my Megalosuchus have a nice snack on your Evade Emu lol

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Every time I get within one win I drop lol. Think it’ll be a while to get there :frowning:

Well good luck, but you’ll get there eventually. Happened to me quite a bit when reaching the top end of Lockdown, but every time I was 1 win away from Sorna Marshes I got knock down again.

Eventually I made it into Sorna Marshes and have stayed there for a few days so far!

Good luck if you haven’t made by now! Maybe you will get an opponent that is pulling this number like I did last night in the 3500 range. Mixed feelings on players that do this.

Just broke to Ruins myself. Hit 4012 and chilled out for days just to enjoy seeing a 4-handle. Then i appropriately dropped 3 straight losses today lol.

Thanks peeps. Still trying, sitting 1win away so waiting for the next incubator to sort itself out in case I get lucky and get the win…

Would love to find someone wi5 a low team and dropping lol

Best of luck, I’m hovering right around there too. I think 4130 was my highest, but I’m constantly bouncing between 7 and 8 these days.

Also, with all that cash you might want to consider spending some of it to open incubators early. I started spending all my in game cash on opening spots early awhile back. I’ve been able to win a lot more 12 and 24hr incubators than the cash would’ve purchased in the store. It does make the game less fun when I run out like I have now though, lol. Tapjoy needs to do another one of those 2x promos soon!! That reminds me… I have some razor subscriptions to cancel.

Cash has dropped dramatically, was saving it to upgrade new hybrids but fused setgo up to 22, now short lol

Just realised other cash lol! Saving that for darts if needed and if a decent special comes up… got some long runs in the car coming up where extra darts may be useful and can control what you get rather than pot luck

Huh, I think I ran into someone like that in Jurassic Ruins the other day, they’ve got a sense of humor about it. They named themselves ILetYouWin or something like that :laughing:

Finally, sitting at 4002 :slight_smile:

It said I could buy two incubators but can’t find a way of buying the second. The dna from the first was useful lol

Way to go man!!