Wish me luck

…please. This fight was very hard because my opponent had high lvl Pyrritator, Gorgosuchus and Tragodistis. My Indom finally managed to dodge twice and won for me.
Now I only need one victory for next arena…

U know what‘s funny? When I win I get 25 trophies. When I fail I lose 37 trophies.
Where‘s the fairness?

Why won‘t my stuns work when I only need one victory? And why all out of a sudden I get a bad draw of four dinos? With no Indom or Stego or Allosino?
Well, maybe bad RNG (again). I wanna get to the ruins so I keep trying.

Ok Ludia or Fortuna decided to let me face players with definitely stronger dinosaurs so I battle tomorrow. Need two victories.

Hurt so much when I stood at 3496 and then lost 37 trophies in one battle. Nah.

Well but I don‘t stand a chance against f.e. lvl 24 Stegodeus or lvl 21 Indominus Rex or lvl 21 Utasinoraptor. Not nice but well at least the ruins are now in my range.

i just rushed through this arena on my road back to the higher arenas from badlands with no issues nor losses. clearly all about the teams

Know the feeling telling you to try again?
Well this battle was full of adrenaline…opponent got 3 crits with 5% chance.
But Megalosuchus saved my … :hugs:

I really have to say that I like Megalosuchus. Yeah, her powers are weak but she‘s a great counter against Indom and if used in a good strategy she often saved the battle for me even though she‘s slow and has a weak bite.

But finally (and sorry for lamenting lol):

In the last patch, I overleveled my stegod and trago both to level 26 and with the help of these two beasts, I even got to 5100 once and can hang stably at around 4800-5000. Now the meta has changed and I cannot solely rely on those guys any more, so I think building a balanced team is necessary in the current meta. Distribute your resource to level up dinos evenly so you don’t have to rely on strong dinos on your team to show up. It’s hard but everybody is the same.

Wish you good luck at hunting. :grinning:

I feel your pain man, I was soooo close to breaking 4800 before the arena changes!
I was at 4797 and just needed 3 lousy points to break it, well I went on a massive losing streak and got stuck at 4500…cant even get back to 4700 let alone 4800 -_-!

And now we are having another tournament to make things even worse!

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