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Wish there were more gen 2 dinosaurs 🦖

I wish there were more gen 2 dinosaurs
They are awesome!

Really??! As discussed elsewhere, they were so underwhelming many of us didn’t even bother to hatch them out. And it’s just confusing having dinos of such similar names and appearances but different stats. Personally I would rather have some completely new species instead. There’s certainly plenty of them that aren’t in the game yet!

And then there’s @Tommi’s dream of a insect biodome. Now that would be truly awesome!


I’ve mentioned before loving the Gen 2 idea in concept just to give some of the classic dinos more relevance again…but after Raptor Gen 2 it is becoming harder to be the Gen 2 constituent.

I’m afraid Indom Gen 2 (if he comes like we are all expecting) Is going to have lot of health and underwhelming attack like our new rex and raptor…might as well not even bother.

If anything I’d rather have less health and more attack.

Have to wait and see.

I just hope they do not add a second indoraptor . This would douple the current unbalance of the game .