Wish trex would spawn


All I need is trex DNA lol, been waiting for almost 6 levels now lol


After the migration… you need to go out and look in new places. For me he is never we he used to be.


I go out and he never spawns lmao, I just want my indos


Like Moeen said above, you now have to cover larger area and look out for him.
The epics spawn have increased/at least remain same but the ratio has now split between the varieties.
I was not encountering any T-Rex for many days but recently have been getting at least 1 Rexy a day on an average, but just not at the same place it used to spawn.


I went from new York to Philadelphia and I saw no trexs lol only encountered 3 epics along the way yesterday


Where are you finding a rex a day?


If you check the Spawn Mechanics guide on metahub, it mentions T-Rex usually spawns around restaurants which has been true for me. I usually find them around pizza joints, restaurants around noon - late afternoon most of the times (around 50% of my T-rex encounters).
Lately for me, there have been many encounters with all epics/rares/commons where they spawn only when you pass that location. That makes it a bit more difficult and adds the surprise factor of stumbling over T-Rex vs going over to a certain location knowing there’s something of value there. So I keep moving around and try not to cover the same place again and again.


I know where theya re suppsoed to spawn, i’ma skign specifically where inte h world are you finding 1 a day, thats crazy. An epics are never a proximity spawn, only rares and commons are.


For me lately, I can vouch there have been many encounters were epics too have been proximity spawns including T-Rex, Ouranosauros. The proximity spawn trigger also seems to vary a bit. I mean the dinosaur would appear at the exact same location but for the other person, he/she might have to move a bit for it to appear.


Sadly it is not just t rexes in this game and so I am finding other epics to…


I just had a T-Rex pop up beside my work lol not super close but just in range and got 58 DNA so was supper happy