what creatures do you want to have in battles and strikes? here are mine:
irritator(gen one)
marsupial lion

Oh yeah give me more of that good Irritator. I ran out officially ages ago but thankfully had merged enough on my Pyrri to get Magna a few weeks ago.

Also, Elasmotherium. So much Elasmotherium. I finally got Mammotherium, but I want to level that fluffy boy up. I keep forgetting that Elasmo is what I need for him, not Woolly Rhino.

Koolasuchus Gen 2. I was just talking about this in another thread. My Koolabourgiana is currently stalled at level 19 because I never have enough Koola and don’t seem to hit zone 4 often (or ever).

Hi. newbie here. I think the game should be tidied up, perfected, and expanded (land wise) before we get new dinos. We hardly have room to put all the current dinos in one park as it is.