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With all this talk of nerfs, let talk about a buff!

Well, a possible one anyway.
Critter in question is this poor soul:

I was actually really excited when I saw the Purra hybrid, but then once I created it, I was so disappointed.
Its health and speed are so sad to look at. I’m actually ok with its damage, its FS and counter will dish out a fair amount of hurt. Only if it can live though, which, it most likely couldn’t, even with its long protection.

I honestly feel like if its speed was upped to at least 110-114 and its health got a slight boost, say, +15-20 extra per level. It could actually be a good member of a team in the mid range of arena.

These are only my opinions of it however, what are yours?

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Yeah, Purrolyth could use some love. Like 110 speed. I would personally up its damage since it is a Tyrannosaur hybrid (Lythronax)… It has good survivability as is, because of armor and shield.

I’m ok with its damage because all the dinos with a counter have low damage. At lvl 15, its damage is higher than Megalo I think.

Magna badly needs a buff this guy is unique ingredient so it’s stats don’t matter as much as unique will be better

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Magna is a unique and that poor dino is a rare so a lot of more people will need it buffed after magna ,300hp and speed to 107 would be good…i know magna need a buff i can understand your feeling,so dont be hungry bud😉

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Just saying this guy’s unique can do 3k dmg a turn and has one of highest HP in game! that is v competitive & has countering nieche of drac g2! who cares about ingredient! Meanwhile Magna is a unique(the hardest grind cause of arena exclusive irritate DNA!) with epic stats that actually badly needs buff cause gets 1 shot by 50% of Dino’s in the game!

megalo works better than that crocodile

magna good looking poor performance…


2 rare hybrids on same level,purrolyth took 1 hit with ferocious strike and he is done ,see why this dino needs love? Einia is a ingredient too so stop saying they are just ingredients ,90% of us want the game balanced all arround the other 10% only care about uniques .buff this poor guy ludia


There is no reason to do multiple buffs… if ludia proved one thing this last patch the proved they can address multiple dinos at one time…that said both of these guys need love… but their our other dinos that needs it as well…