With evasive abilities crippled we need boost rollback

most evasive dinos except the indos have an extremely low health pool the 33% damage can still cause a 1 hit death with a rampage crit. With most evasive dinos now essentially crippled we need a stat boost rollback/return so we can swap out dinos and rebuild our team.

they could have just made it 100% dodge chance for 1 turn on a 2 turn cooldown like instant invisibility.

and why does procerathomimus still have a swap in nullification, it is literally completely useless. it needs to be an evasive ability a distracting strike or just removed and have the dino given a health boost.




i feel sorry for you guys
See you in 1.9?


LOL why do you think evasive abilities are crippled? Here’s a hint, it’s not because ‘no one was using the new moves and dinos they put out…’ considering they were out for, what, under three months? How would they expect us to have those guys up to team level, when we’ve been working on our team for a year?

No, it’s because it was an easy way to get those boosts onto the bench - if boosts ain’t getting benched, then how can they keep selling boosts? Killing evasive was a great way to get 2 dinos from a lot of teams onto the bench in a single patch.

Don’t worry though, they’ll probably offer an extra day of boost sales to help you with your issue.

You should probably expect to get one or two dinos benched every patch - I know I do.

what lol. do you know what crippled means? when i said crippled i mean nerfed to oblivion, destroyed beyond repaired. like loan sharks coming in with big ole louisville sluggers and busting your legs so they look like pretzels.

also i have a purutaurus in my lineup. so people could have precision attack dinos on their team they just had to spend their boosts wisely.

boost rollback every update is what really needs to happen. that way new dinos have a chance to make peoples teams, newly buffed dinos can be given boosts so they can make people’s teams and those that are nerfed dont have their boosts go to waste.


If this would happen there wouldn’t even need to be nerfs, because people would be able to get new counters in their teams.

Yeah a rollback is good. But you have people that lack originality and strategy that will put them all on Thor again. Wash rinse repeat

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well it wouldn’t make everyone’s team totally different all the time. but would allow a few to be swapped in and out that otherwise would never happen. its very possible everyone’s team will be exactly the same a year from now as-is

Of course there will be the players that just “go with what works.” The new hybrids look pretty good though. I wouldn’t be surprised if they jumped into the meta when they get some levels and boosts.

Indeed a reset option should be available especially when stat and skill changes.
Would also be neat to have some kind of reset at any time, even if it would cost cash (then ludia would also earn more too).

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They will stick with Thor like an infant stays with its pacifier.


I know what crippled means, they crippled it to sell more boosts. Lots of people had erlidom and indo in their lineup. Those will be going which means new Dino’s in, which need new boosts. I’m not counting on a boost reset, this seems to me like another cash grab by ludia.


Correct. Cash grab only.

Or those players becomes very angry and leave the game?

If you played for months, a year, and see your hard effort going out the window…

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Lots of people are seeing that right now… How many are leaving? I’m sure at some point people will say eff it, these guys are clown shoes but we’re a whole lot of slow learners.

I’d be afraid of a rollback or reset. How do I know for sure I’ll get MY amount back?

Everyone who wants a rollback are thinking how it will help their team. But it will help everyone else as well.

A rollback won’t give you an advantage!

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Exactly. It will help reshape the meta.
(at least a little bit :wink:)

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I agree with a boosts reset. Sure it can create some monsters like a super fast Thor… but then the rest of that persons team will be lacking, so guess what happens when they don’t get Thor in their lineup for 4-5 games… :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:

And it would allow for experimenting with different lineups and different dinos…

Yes, it will also help others, but the advantage is that we can try out different dinos with different amounts of boosts, allowing us to end up finding what works best for each one of us. Sure, there are the same 5-8 dinos that almost every ones because theyre super strong, but there are plenty others that leveled and boosted the same amount as the “meta” dinos, would give just as much trouble, if not more, depending on the 1v1 match up.

All that to say: Let us have a way to reset boosts, maybe weekly, or some low cost cash, idk, just make it happen.

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