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With the reset of boost, did you will add a new dinosaur on your team?

Hiho all. I’m creating this topic to talk about adding a new dinosaur in your team when the upcoming update is available. With the reset of boost, we will be able to do that. For me, I’m using only uniques dinosaurs, I think only my diloracheirus it’s original nowadays, but other are the normal one’s (thor, tryko, ardents etc). I was thinking of adding back my tryostonix in my team. Soon lvl 29, boost his attack and speed then he can be usefull against tryko, ardentis or gemini. I was using stegodeus 30 in the past, I love this dino. Maybe will be back in team for fun, boost his healt and a bit his damage. What you will do?

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I’m waiting for the update (after all, they may buff/nerf our favorite dinos). But let say they do absolutely nothing, I may/would try to get Grypo in my team, but I like my actual dinos so much that I have a hard time deciding who I would drop for it… Sure enough, my team was designed to counter the meta, and the meta may change drastically… I expect the Mammoth family to be hit a bit, and the towers/immunity may take a beating as well, so who knows.

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Yeah I have a L27 Idg2 with enough DNA to make it close to L30. I’m waiting to see what the nerfs and buffs are obviously. I think right now it would replace L28 smilonemys since I haven’t seen a single Carbo in a couple months and I live less than a mile away from 2 huge park spaces.

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Mammolania is awesome since I unlocked it recently. I’m definitely going to throw some boosts on it!

That’s face tho :joy: :joy:

He’s like Gimme kiss

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Definitely do it!

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I mean you could boost it know to test what you like and then if it’s nerfed you won’t be burned for it

If they ruin Carnotarkus, I’ll try to get Dioraja on my team. It’ll be more anti-chicken oriented, but I’ll mist tarkus when it comes to dealing with Thors.

Of course, I Will. It’s one of the big flaws in the current boost system, it’s impossible to change teams when you want without losing much competitiveness.

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It totally depends of the meta change.
But with the current one, I’m thinking about dropping Indo and adding Lania.

Let’s wait and see.

I am considering adding a dino at each rarity tier but that maybe unrealistic. My team has 4 level 30s and 2 29s but I may add some lower level dinos depending on what gets nerfed