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With this team, how would you use 1600 Rex?


Because with my darting skill that’s roughly what I’ll get next weekend with 9 attempts.

That’s 8 batches of Tryko or around 13 of Erlidom or Indo.

Which bottomless pit?

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Erlido would be the best option if you want it to keep up with the rest of your team. With a little luck, might get it close to 26.


That was my first thought, but I may want to bench her… too much RNG on this team for me. 24 Magna, 26 Spino, and 28 Tryo often sit in that spot. Plus the rat is often not there. Typically only there for towers, but I do like the wildcard in PvP occasionally.


Yeah but after the likely rat nerf, you’ll get another spot open.


That’s quite the team. What trophy count are you at?
That aside, since you plan on benching Erlidom, I would go for Tryko. Otherwise, catching up Erlidom to the rest would lead to a more balanced team.

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Thanks! Right now I’m in the mid 4900s. Been ranked twice since the pvp season started, but currently a little lower


Very similar to my team. Replace the rat with Rinex and Tenonto with Magna, and that’s my team.

As for what you should focus your Rex on, I’d recommend putting it all into Erlidom. It’s the one on your team that would benefit most from a level. Tryko is at a very good level right now, and so is your Indo. Erlidom at team level is quite a monster, and the most reliable DC killer at same levels.

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177 dna per Trex, nice

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I guess that’s good? I usually get in the mid 200s for other epics. T rex is just sooo much harder for me for some reason. I just can’t get a feel for its wobble. Nodopato is the only one I do worse on.

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I wouldn’t bother with Indoraptor for the time being, it’s fine where it sits… Mine is l. 28 too and it frequently takes out l. 30, with some good RNG… And it frequently gets taken out by l. 26 with bad RNG… As others have said, if I were you I’d bring Erlidom to team level… If you’re not an Erlidom fan, dump everything into Tryko…


Thanks for posting @Bunners, the feedback has helped me with my decision on what to level with Trex. :grin:

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I’d say Tryko, I like making a team that counters most of what I face, and I face a lot of Erli. Tryko wins 1v1 against an Erli every time. :smiley: