Woe is me

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… well this is it, my end has come… I have won and lost a King, broken up an engaged couple ( I feel no shame) i have lost out to a dog (still fuming​:rage:) … have been a muse for a body painter, a photographer AND a pop star, I’ve saved a man from death row, sent a guy off to war, helped a guy do something other than play basket ball, ( Big kisses to Lovelink mods…see I’m being a good girl!! :kissing_heart:) learned how to communicate with a feline, survived a relationship with a blood sucker and his over bearing vampiric mother (reminds me of a rl ex) … mastered a Dom AND have had a meaningful relationship with a Centaur … but it was fun while it lasted.

I’d continue to play and match with females if I could but it wont let me… i am unworthy!?!:scream::sob:

Can I just ask … if Tiros the Centaur says AYE for yes … Should he not say NEIGH for No😎
Yes I know that was a terrible horse joke… sorry!!:rofl::yum:


You should be able to match with female characters, unless the game is currently only showing you accounts that have no content.


that could be so,seamed to have had that issue before& those that showed wore also story related.

I did think tbh, after seeing previous post , that maybe the reason I couldn’t match with the ladies is bcus I’d chosen their Male counterparts …
( or this game is just testing my patience)
But I will swipe and swipe and swipe in vain…

I don’t think there are currently inter gender counterparts in the game. Sometimes you just need to swipe 2 or 3 times before they match.

That sounds like quite the adventure! I don’t know if I’m lucky or what but, I’ve matched with a good number of women and men. A video gamer chick, an expecting nurse, a model and a really cool artist. I read this post before I started and was so sad I might not get to. I’d say keep trying! There’s supposed to be 60 something characters, one is bound to pop up for you.

Same. I’m not up to the part where I get sidelined for a dog yet, but I think I know who you mean. :joy: I think I only have him and two other guy matches left. I can’t seem to match with anyone else so I think I hit my limit. I’m just playing it out with the girls to collect more gems. :woman_shrugging:

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