Won an epic (blue) raptor incubator and 4k of dna, rare and normal but gone when restart


I won an epic (blue) raptor incubator worth of maybe 4k of dna. Got dna dor aboutb4 dinos i think. Than i continued playing in arena without upgrading the dinos. Suddenly the game didn’t start. Only the numbers above kept repeating after. I restarted the game and aaw the dna i won was all gone. I think its not fair. Can you give me back the dna take please.


If the DNA is gone, does that mean the Epic Strike Event is available for you to beat again?


not glitched or anything. i still have mine. like 3k gallimus, 300 pyro raptor, etc. really good incubator.


Send an email to support+forums@ludia.com with your support key so they can look into it.