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Won’t be able to get my Carbonemys DNA this week due to power outages

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You should still have mobile signal won’t you?

Wow, good luck with that man. Hope it’s not going to be so serious.
Maybe give your account to a friend elsewhere? Probably against the rules but might be an option.

Purchase the biggest power bank you can find. I have two Anker 20,000 mAh ones I carry in the back of my bike. Charge it up and you should be good for more than a day. Buy more than one if you can.


A big outage also takes out the towers, unless they have a proper backup

I’m glad I’m in SMUD’s power area instead of PG&E! I think this is all a response to the bad fire season we had last year :frowning:

Could you drive or bus over to the next town?

Next town? You have to drive across half the state. Almost all of Northern CA is out of power. Unless you live in the Sacramento area where SMUD is. Over 800,000 people going to be down. San Jose area and bay due to go down at noon.

I don’t know. Not my continent.

I’m hoping the wireless carriers have backup power, otherwise that’s bad news for anyone who need to communicate outside of shouting distance. Especially in an emergency! :open_mouth:

Yeah exactly. Towers need to operate for 911 calls

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I still have CB and FRS radios. If I lived in PG&E’s area I’d be charging up a bunch of batteries for those!

Yes 911 is up and operational. But here’s the catch…Peoples homes are out of power so their house phones are down if it’s any kind of digital. Cell phones are the only way to contact emergency services.

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And even when power is restored…(most likely tomorrow) It will take days for PG&E to turn back on because they have to check every single power line. People with a lot of frozen foods are going to lose it.

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I live about 40min from Sacramento and have heard nothing about our power going out. It could change but as far as i know, my city is safe. I have PG&E because it’s the only option here.

Hello neighbor! :slight_smile:

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Where are you at? I’m in Yuba City.

@Ned anyone home? I’ve tried messaging support but to no response. I don’t think it’s fair for me to be forced to miss out on Carbonemys just because PG&E shut off power for everyone, which is 100% out of my control.

I can easily dart 250 per attempt, which is 2250 Carbonemys DNA total. If I am unable to dart it this weekend due to the forced outages, can the DNA be sent to my in-game mail?

Charge your phone with a car? Mobile power!!!

Midtown Sacramento. Even though it’s L1, sometimes it’s LIT! L3 is just a few blocks away, and L4 is about a mile away. This area was great for PoGo too when I used to play it.

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