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Won’t be able to get my Carbonemys DNA this week due to power outages

I can’t actually decide if this thread is genuine or a joke … :thinking:

Life happens - natural disasters, network outages, power outages, your partner dumps you - all beyond Ludia’s control (well possibly not the last one if he/she dumped you because you play JWA too much) so no compensation owed. Just hope that all affected are safe and well.

The more culpable would be the power company - but please record your conversation with customer services where you demand some ancient turtle DNA which you lost out on due to them taking the power down …


Ive been wondering the same… i understand why the op is frustrated. But even if we weren’t talk about Ludia… i dont see many companies doing anything here… let alone Ludia

I get what you’re saying, but I bought VIP SPECIFICALLY for this event. If it were any other dino, I wouldn’t even care. I at least want to try and be compensated, even if I am at their mercy.

I can understand your frustration - especially having bought VIP - but it just isn’t Ludia’s fault; if their server was down for 48 hours then it would be (but I guess they would just re-run the event). I sincerely hope you have power for at least some of the event and/or you can still find some turtles using mobile data. Good luck!

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You really think Ludia is going to compensate for something like this? It’s not their problem for .0001% of players experiencing this. They barely compensate when they’re at fault. Better chance contacting your governor. :no_mouth:

Maybe you will get lucky and find some turtles somewhere. :smiley:

Maybe take this chance to go on a little trip to another state ?

It’s not Ludia’s problem, but it would be nice of them to offer some sort of assistance. They have support, they have a heart, and in extreme circumstances like this I don’t see why they would just ignore you. There’s literally nothing bobby can do about it, but Ludia can. It’s not like it’s gonna cost them anything.

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Good luck with that, but it sets a precedent of expectations.

We’ll have a blizzard in the Northeast this winter season, during some “important” event.

Should I be compensated for not being able to play, simply because the power in my area is out?

Natural disasters happen every single day.

FWIW, I’d be surprised if the cell towers go down. You’ll likely still be able to play.

If they don’t have generators or backup power of some kind for cell service, you really need to elect different politicians. They control what happens, through the public utility commission.

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While I agree it would be a nice gesture they would be inundated with similar claims - how would they ever verify them all? Besides I know some players that are unable to hunt or participate in events for most of the winter months due to extreme temperatures and heavy snowfall - should we package up weekly DNA parcels for them?

Not wishing to come over cold-hearted but all players are limited by their environment (except for those that shall not be discussed).

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Hey bobbymcfeen, I’m sorry to hear about the power outage. If you had already contacted our team, they’ll try and get back to you ASAP once they get a chance to see your message.

Yeah, not Ludias fault. Will have to get compensation from PG&E. Oh wait, they are bankrupt… yeah, that’s not going to happen.

Can you imagine if Ludia had to compensate people every time the power went out or it rained so people could not go outside?

BTW I live in the Bay Area and am also without power.

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I couldn’t help but snort laugh at your last sentence.

I feel sympathy for your plight, but it does seem a little unreasonable to ask for DNA for this. If you get it, please let us know. I will then be asking for DNA every time there’s a snowstorm here.

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I’m in Elk Grove

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The Ludia JWA TOS is pretty clear that the game is provided an an ‘as is’ basis with no guarantee that it will work at any given time. In addition, it states that you are responsible for all connectivity and that your ability to connect is not their responsibility.

Yeah… I scanned all 700 pages

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Well Niantic does things for areas with disasters such is this. They reschedule events and things for areas that can’t play all the time. Japan for instance has had quite a few community days rescheduled because of natural disasters. I believe Niantic even did something because of crazy heat once but I’m not sure.

I’m in central Cal and I have PG&E too. They’re terrible. We have a few outages around here but nothing like northern Cali. Sorry you’re dealing with that.

It sucks that 1/3 of the state is without power. Cell towers are supposed to have diesel backup generators but you can imagine it probably only allows calls to go through and not data. I can’t imagine they would have normal streaming speeds on a generator.

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Yeah, thats why i did say were talking about Ludia…

They barely make up for stuff their at fault for… they love themselves area exclusive events enough they will just be like its an area exclusive event for people outside of the power shutoffs.

I look at that canadian exclusive event that gave bonus attempts at blue from the Toronto raptors event at the beginning of summer of great example of how Ludia feels about someone missing out on an event. Back then we were like oh its just blue… now that bonus blue dna is a straight up advantage thanks to indo g2.

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I said that because of your “ I don’t see many companies doing anything” comment. My point was just that some do.

its in SoCal too

i’m fortunately just in an area for “consideration” right now. but if the power goes off for a week, my last concern will be darting virtual dinosaurs :rofl:

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Stay safe! My sister lives out in Ventura County, it’s a pretty alarming situation. She says the winds are crazy!