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Won the match with only one dino


I am just curious. Has anyone done it before?


Yes, for example there’s been several posts about the common Velociraptor taking out a whole team in the lower arenas.


Several times.

Once with a Velociraptor - the opponent had a very poor draw on their lineup and couldn’t take it out.

Several times with the Einiasuchus. That thing is beastly.

Twice now with a Nodopatosaurus. Superb hybrid, that one.

And once on a fluke with a Stegoceratops when everything that could stun did. I felt really bad for my opponent. It’s one thing to lose to superior power, it’s another very frustrating thing to lose because you literally couldn’t do anything.


I lost to a level 20 Raptor. Didn’t draw any counters, and Indominus failed to dodge.


I actually said sorry to the screen when i had 4 stuns in a row lol but then it’s happened to me too so … lol


I have a couple times with my Rex but i think they were using only lvl 7 dinos & running time out auto attacks i think they were bots


Yes with Einiasuchus, Stegoceratops and once with Blue :flushed:


Several times with my really good tanks now (nodopatosaurus, einiasuchus, stegodeus) one time with indoraptor (due to very lucky evades against another player) and one time with rajakylosaurus (which i am very proud of tbh because he’s my favorite dino in the game right after diorajasaurus xD)


Stegoceratops is always my starter when I get it (which hasn’t been much lately). She can down a whole team if you get lucky on your stuns and use each move wisely. I love it when the swap out to a raptor only to get stunned immediately and the taken out on the next shot.

Aaaand, she just did it again.

If my opponent hadn’t swapped out their TRex before I downed it they might have had a chance to at least get rid of ol’ stegoceratops, but they did the switch, I got an extra hit on their lower level stegoceratops, stunned on my next move, then finished them off. I was riding on >500 hp for most of the match.


Had this happen last night. Beat the opponent 3-0 with a U-raptor (of all things), and got a 12-hr incub. Found out that it was a bot. I should’ve known, as it was using only basic attacks the whole time.