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Wonder Why We Don't Have These Chests In PvP? They Sure Have A Decent Rewards? 2p

I Wonder If It’s Too Good?

And That’s Not A Octopus :octopus: Looks More Like A Dragon If You Ask Me?:dragon_face:

Sweet :flushed::wink:
Morning sweetyshay :sleeping::coffee:

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Top Of The Morning To You! bag (Bag)LOL
Hope All Is Well😀

Sweetshay do you get a email every time I post to you
I get one every time you answer a post lol not use to this form it a bit confusing

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I Think I Got One E-Mail From You.
I Don’t E-Mail That Much, Plus My Hubby Got Us Both Wired To His E-Mail Somehow, He Tells Me When I Get One😀

I Just Use The Post For The Most Part.:+1:
Then Face-Book For The Rest LOL!!!

Hi I turned off all emails from the form hope that fix it
Have a good evening

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