Wondering if I should even dart gali today

Not sure if I will run Monomimus in 1.5 or not.

Most of my dinos that will be nerfed when 1.5 hits should still be ok and viable. Stegod will definitely be ok, but im honestly not sure if Mono will still be worth using anymore.

What common SE dinos are you going to dart today, and why?

Im darting galli just because its not in the wild. But im gonna take it easy, if i encounter one fine, it not thats okay too


It’s immunity and evasive strike means if it ever gets any future hybrids, they will most likely be good. Till they get nerfed… But playing the long game, I wouldn’t pass up on any. I have 32k so I’m not going hunting for them, but everyone I pass I’m going to get.

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Thats my take on it as well. Gonna be more stuff coming this week anyway from the looks of it.

30k Galli and counting … will dart if I walk past it …

Remember when you would take a day off work, track down all 48 for two days with out sleep and now you see one on the other side of the road and have to think if it’s worth it. Rip Monomin :latin_cross: