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Wonky chat page. Please fix!

Seriously Ludia, you guys keep saying you fix numerous/hundreds of bugs with each update.

But why is the chat page still having issues ever since I joined this game like 1 year ago. And according to what I have read in the forum, this chat page has been like this ever since it began. i.e. Way longer than 1 year.

  1. Donation requests / chats move up and down.
  2. You can accidentally donate to the wrong request as each request can “magically” move.
  3. Old chats are suddenly visible again
  4. Filled DNA requests do not show that it is filled. But we see various messages like “request has been filled”, “request has timed out”, and other permutations.
  5. The regular red message “you are not connected to the chat server”
  6. Unable to view who donated DNA to you.

I am sure there are more than these bugs. Thank you.

@Ludia_Developers, @Ned, @Isabelle, @Ronald

I have 2 attachments. 1 shows my DNA request suddenly moving to top of page. Higher than chats from 5 days ago. 2nd shows five alliance members with the exact same name. Lol.


I 1000% agree with this. The messed up chat is one of the most annoying things about the game.

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