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Won't let me start an incubator

I’m trying to start a 12 hour incubator and it won’t let me. When I press activate it doesn’t work and the timer doesn’t start. I’ve restarted the game multiple times aswell

EDIT: Turns out I had to reinstall the whole game after trying everything

I’m sorry to hear that, TrolleysaurusRex, but I’m glad it was fixed. If this happens again, it might be caused by an unopened Incubator. If you have another Incubator ready to open, could you please try opening it first before activating a new one and see if that helps?

Can’t open either 3 hr
Restarted, no joy
Cleared JWA cache & restart, no joy
Cleared Google Play Services cache & restart, no joy
Restarted phone, no joy
Reinstalled app, no joy
Waited hours, no joy

Piece of crap s/w = continued 1 star rating on Google Play Store!

Reinstall the game, it worked for me

Tried that. Didn’t work.