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Won't load

I just transferred my old phone contents to my new Motorola Z4. now, when I go to start Jurassic world game, it makes the sound like it’s going to start but all of the sudden takes me back to my home screen. I’ve forgotten my Wi-Fi network and reconnected, restarted my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and made sure that no other applications were running. Nothing helps.

Hey Cassandra_Vasquez, I’m not sure why the game might not be starting up on your new device. If your game account was linked to either a Facebook or Google Play account, could you try re-downloading the game from your app store and see if that helps?

I forgot to add that I uninstalled the game and installed it again. Thx though. I’ll edit it.

I’m sorry to hear that didn’t work. Does this only happen on your new device, or are you not able to launch the game on your old one as well?

My old game was working fine but I’m not able to turn my old phone on (that’s why I needed a new phone).

Sadly, I’m not really sure why the game won’t launch on your new phone, Cassandra_Vasquez.

However, could you contact our support team here at Our team would be happy to try and assist you further with this

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Sent. Thank you.