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Wood and fish collection reward

My max storage is 500m but the reward of fish collection is 591m, and when I complete it, the next is wood collection, also 591m. So of course some resource can only be wasted. Should you reconsider the difficulty and rewards of resource collections? Maybe now you just take into account of meade hall level but I think you should also take into account of the forge.

I have noticed this and have wanted to ask myself. My max storage is 1 billion. Lately, if Hookfang gets wood on a journey (the one that costs 50 runes), that the wood reward is 1.5G and no overflow goes to my mail, like it does in the gauntlet. Irritating. I’d like to know if max storage can up updated to accommodate the increased reward options in Journey.

Max wood (and fish) capacity is 2G, if you have the additional storage on Dragon’s Edge fully upgraded.

@Wodensfang @Robyn_Sawyer you have to upgrade your storage. Otherwise yes you’ll loss on the process. You can use them for journey to minimize the loss though.

I just don’t think they should provide too advanced rewards at too early stage. It’s not that I leave the fish basin there and don’t upgrade it, but that it just comes out too early, a long way before upgrading storage is possible.