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Woods for upgrading

Why take a lot of wood for upgrading and the woods hard to get in. If you release the dragon only get the fish.

Google translate was not friendly for his language.

Google translate is not friendly for many languages, unfortunately.

@adle, unfortunately your message is a bit difficult to understand. I’m assuming it’s a question? Or perhaps it’s not, maybe it’s a suggestion.

This is not uncommon with automatic translator services, and I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. Would you mind, perhaps, finding a different way to word this so that we may try and help?..If help is what you are seeking?

He’s talking about “Dragons: Rise of Berk” xd

Oh! That makes much more sense then :smile: thank you for clearing that up.

Sorry, it’s a question…why so hard to get the woods for upgrde?

I think it depends on what dragons you are using to gather, and how you are spending wood. Personally, I am swimming in more wood than I can spend… though I’ve noticed that varies over time, depending on what level the dragons I am training are at, and how quickly I am burning through iron (and who I am using to collect iron).

Also, it usually costs about 3x to 5x as much fish to level up a dragon as it does wood, so only getting back fish doesn’t seem that unreasonable. (Anyway, I almost never release dragons that are above level 1-3. Any dragon I don’t have, I usually want to keep, and any dragon I do already have, I usually release right away without training.)

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