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It is customary that you post the screenshot of the contents.

I think you have about a 50% of pulling a legendary from it.

Curiously, I’ve had better legendary luck from the Purple lightning chests.

Yeah I’ll post the contents too… it’s been so long since I got a red though that I couldn’t wait

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Bought a red the other day and finished the dungeon master card at the same time :slight_smile:

Got this from the latter:

Also a wahoo moment

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Just got one too

Well @Mkb617? :slight_smile:

Oops I forgot. Nothin too exciting

19 days later, a little better one

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Nice :slight_smile:

I’ve gone for the rogue gear pack in the hope of getting that one, haven’t managed it yet but

Working on the dungeon master quest pack again after only getting it less than a month ago (according to this thread :slight_smile:

Can we trade chest? Just got this one…

I’m wondering what is your renown and best league and character level as your is way better… I’m renown 20 character around level 14-15 and 3300 in arena right now…

I am renown 20… most characters are 13 and 14… pally is 12 and jarlaxle is either 11 or 12

Ok well I guess it just random jarlaxe farideh nayeli naolem raika are 14 and everyone else 15