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Woolly Mammoth 🦣 gen 2

I made a new concept called Woolly Mammoth 🦣 gen 2 hope you guys like it im making the attacks :slight_smile: :smiley:


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I like the Idea but that mammoth is OP

But i think the Woolly Mammoth Gen 2 should be a rare resilient right?

Ok i will try

It is stronger than a mortem.

And you should do it in a laptop.

Absolutely overpowered and exaggerated. Doesn’t make sense in any way. How does this thing have more attack than Mortem himself? Nerf it. Why does it have an armor piercing attack if it’s a cunning-resilient? Where does even the cunning part come from? It has no attacks representing that class. Where did it get that counter from? Again, this looks more Fierce-Resilient than Cunning-Resilient. I guess resistances are ok, just reduce the rend to 0. It also should be either a Rare or Common, you can’t have a Gen 2 the same rarity as the Gen 1, you’re missing the point of Gen 2’s there.


why mammoth gen 2 still epic?!!

This is exactly what I was thinking

I don’t feel like hopping jwa toolbox so my version on mammoth gen 2 would be

Name: Woolly Mammoth Gen 2 Rarity: Rare Class: Resilient


Hp: 4200 Dmg: 1300 Speed: 117 Armor: 20% Critical chance: 10%

Move set

Persistent Ferocious Strike

Group Taunting Sheilds

Group Decelerating Impact


Speed decrease: 100%

DoT: 67%

Vulnerability: 67%

That is what i was saying about it being OP

My concept

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