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Woolly Mammoth in vip pack?

Why? He’s a tournament creature

I believe this had been discussed recently, it dates back to the time when the Mammoth was at par with VIP creatures stat-wise. Agreed that it isn’t VIP level at stats anymore they did not take it out from rotation but at least they did honestly show what we would be getting if we were to click on that pack, we just have to be careful.


He was last round just after Christmas, I thought he was a seasonal special, but no apparently he is in the rotation.

20000 LPs for 1 Tournament legendary that has been nerfed is a bit steep!

Are there other ways to get him?


Nope, he’s in the Tournaments rotation cycle as well.

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Right, I shall hold on tightly to my LPs, thanks.


I only needed one and was out of dna, so I just bought one for the lp, it is kind of good that they put it in their for people that might not have the creature unlocked and if you just need one

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