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Woolly Mammoth must be added!

I’ve been thinking how useful the Woolly Mammoth would be as a new Cenzoic creature in the next update. Here’s my idea:

Woolly Mammoth EPIC
Decelerating Strike
Definite Rampage
Swap-in Stun

I also feel like he could introduce a new move to the game. It would be like most new attacks introduced by Cenzoics: Priority but doesn’t do any damage.

Tusk and Shove (Priority. Stun 80%. Increases Critical Chance by 30% for 1 turn.)

This would allow him to land high damage as he would be a armor HP bulk but with low damage and low speed. And for those who are concerned about how the Woolly Mammoth could constantly Tusk and Shove to keep people stunned forever, keep in mind it only allows the opponent to be stunned for 1 turn only. In other words, if it lands and the Woolly Mammoth uses Tusk and Shove again, it will not stun. This is similar to how when someone does Greater Stunning Impact and then Greater Stunning Strike while the opponent is long stunned, it doesn’t stun again because you’re doing it 2 times in a row.

Health: 2677
Attack: 300
Speed: 104
Armor: 30%
Critical Chance: 5%

Because he would be extremely slow, he could use Decelerating Strike to gain the speed advantage and then finish someone off with Definite Rampage. Also, Swap-in Stun is a decent move that could help him arrive safely into battle without getting crushed by a T-rex. Speaking of carnivores, Armor Piercing & Defense Shattering could bypass the Woolly Mammoth’s armor so he is not too overpowered. And Immune creatures like the Indominus would have no problem taking him out as they don’t need to worry about the Woolly Mammoth’s negative effects. Just don’t expect to use Cloak against the Woolly Mammoth and get away with it.

I think the Woolly Mammoth could have a hybrid too. This is what I came up with:

Mammolophoth LEGENDARY

Woolly Mammoth Lvl 15 & Dilophosaurus GEN 2 Lvl 15

Nullifying Strike
Distracting Impact (Distracting Rampage if he doesn’t get a superhybrid)
Definite Rampage
Tusk and Shove
Swap-in Distraction

Health: 2766
Attack: 500
Speed: 110
Armor: 30%
Critical Chance: 20%

The hybrid has a little bit of everything. He can nullify, distract, stun, defense shatter, increase his critical chance, and defend with his high armor. Like the Woolly Mammoth, Mammolophoth is weak to Immune creatures but has some strength against foes like T-rex because of Distracting Impact and Swap-in Distraction. And he still has Definite Rampage so Cloak is not advised. Ideas for a superhybrid are not yet decided on, but I extremely recommend adding the Woolly Mammoth and the Mammolophoth to Ludia. I’m sure it will be a decision they will not regret.


I’m actually surprised the Mammoth wasn’t added in 1.7, Smilodon was but I think the Wooly Mammoth was arguably more iconic as the face of Cenozoics.


They definitely do really bad at damage, they need to have 1400 for mammoth and 1440 for the hybrid

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Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if the Woolly Mammoth was being held back for some sort of winter or Christmas event. That would be a thematic time to release it.


Slow? Just wait until you face a tier 10 speed boosted one in the arena :wink:

This is one of the additions you can very most likely expect to see in a future update.

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@Brownfox make 1.11 release notes for Jurassic world alive

I’m expecting/hoping it’ll be in the next update as a woolly mammoth would be a great addition for winter.


Mammoth and Dire Wolves would be great additions for a winter-time update imo

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Absolutely! Now we’ve said it, I can’t wait! :smiley:

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@Ned, @E.D, or any staff of Ludia. If you are planning to add Woolly Mammoth next update, PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE!

Maybe we will get it next update, during Christmas time, sound cool :christmas_tree:

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It seems most likely

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Edit: Mammoth was added in 1.11 along with a rhino looking hybrid Mammotherium. While it wasn’t what I expected, it is still amazing. Couldn’t ask for any changes to him.

A mammoth looking Unique wouldn’t hurt…:slight_smile: