Woolly Mammoth/Rhino/Snake/Deer Event Week Please 🥺

I’m old and patient… but… It would be really nice if you had an event week with the Woolly Mammoths, Rhino’s and Snakes. The Mammoths go for two hybrids. I’m trying to get both and then both to team level, including the Mammoth. I am also working toward Spinoconstrictor.

Here would be the event creatures for the week:

Brontotherium, Dimetrodon Gen 2, Monolophosaurus Gen 2, Dilophosaurus Gen 2

Elasmotherium, Spinosaurus, Enteledon, Titanboa Gen 2

Woolly Mammoth, Titanoboa, Woolly Rhino

This is the creatures and hybrids they make:

Either make a week of these or two separate week events splitting the Snakes with some other hybrid class such as the Deer and Turtles.


So you are asking for a cenozoic hybrid week

We just had a week like this… what? two months ago?

This would be a great Easter event