Woolly Mammoth Tournament - 5/24/2019 - 5/27/2019


This thread will be to discuss the progress of the tournament happening this weekend. Tactics as well as thresholds for cut offs and points associated with them, mostly for the Dominator League but all discussion is welcomed as long as it is for the tournament.

Rules for the tournament:

  • Jurassic
  • level 11+ creatures only
    Switched the group from Cenozoic which was what the weekly schedule post on FB had to Jurassic, which is what the tournament has been running for the first 12+ hours.

Good luck to everyone, especially if you have not unlocked this creature. As far as Cenozoic creatures go this tournament creature is on par with the unlock-able VIP creatures so it is a great addition to your roster.

Helpful thread if you are new to these posts The De-Mystifying of Ferocity... Hopefully :)


Interesting that it says “shake the earth” as in Jurassic tournaments, not “the age of mammals” .

Well, when she walks, the Earth does shake

Fair enough i guess

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Rules seem to indicate a Jurassic tourney.


Interesting indeed, since the weekly schedule showed Cenozoic. I wonder if it will update halfway through the day similar to a previous tournament where they switched the rules part way through the first day.


That would be disasterous for players who spent a fortune (DNA wise) leveling up cenos. I hope it’s not the case.

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Not disastrous exactly but definitely not thrilled about the misinformation if true. Now I have to decide if I should make some level 11 VIPS with the ones I have lots of duplicates of

I suppose it is the general icon for the rule and it does not indicate the kind of the tournament. But we will see in 2 minutes.

And again I’m proven wrong.

My lvl 20 brontotherium, hyaenodon and thylacosmillus are totally useless now :angry::angry::angry:

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It is Jurassic. Selfish me is happy since i had no chance with the cenos, but i now managed to get to Dominator with little problems. The prize wheel was kind to me as well.
But yeah, i’m sad for people who leveled up cenozoics.

Interesting that all level 10 Indoraptors are in the penalty box this time. Lucky me, I don’t have one…lol.


Never even crossed me mind, Tommi, but you’re correct. Shall I be tempted into leveling up my indoraptors from 10 to 11? NO-O-O-O-O-O!!!
The climb is slow and tedious, so I doubt I’ll aim to be #1, just try to stick somewhere in the middle of the pack.

I would really like to know how big the step from 10 to 11 is for an Indoraptor. It is definitely different as it is for ‘normal’ animals.
But I advise you not to do it. If you, by accident, know the lvl 11 statistics please let me know.

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The Analyzer aka SionSith would know. :smile:

My first round.

I already asked him. Seems to be a mystery.

I don’t have stats for the level 10-11 jump but all of the super hybrids start off at a higher % of their max level 40 level when compared to all other creatures. I am starting some data collecting on the indoraptor specifically to see how it progresses at every level (1,2,3,4… and so on).

I’m going to evolve a Monostegotops from 10 to eleven in the near future.
If Superhybrids behave in their category as the other creatures, who all have nearly the same percentages, the data of Monostegotops could apply for Indoraptor as well.
I’ll let you know, sometime next week.