Woolly Mammoth Tournament - 5/24/2019 - 5/27/2019

The monostegotops is the 2nd fiercest herb and way less disruptive than the segnosuchus when leveled up. Right now, I plan to skip the segnosuchus and rely on the monostegotops to carry the weight on the herb side.


Interesting idea that the requirements might change halfway through. More likely it was just a mistake on Ludia’s part, but really annoyed to have put a lot of resources into leveling up some cenos for this. I don’t see it as a total waste as we’ll certainly have another ceno-only event, but that 1000 DB accidental speedup I did is feeling even worse now. Oh well, at least I didn’t use any other speedups and still have another day to hatch out my other pair of marsupial lions. But I definitely would have put all that money into leveling up some of my newest hybrids instead which would have definitely been far more helpful.

I have a lot of jurassic I could have levelled up for this too, but my ceno line up is paltry. Pathetic even, and I really want this unlock

That said, Im getting hammered and I’m nearly out of dinos, at 94th in Dominator but I cant see this lasting, it’s pretty fast moving and I’m losing position rapidly if I wander off.

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This tournament really seems to be taking off rapidly points wise!


Yes it is moving quite fast for a Friday… perhaps due to it being a holiday weekend here in the US? Not sure but I too don’t see landing in Dominator for this one either. Currently in 9th in Predator but already seeing the top of the division moving more than 1 fight away.

Wow, actually just got a tough win after dropping down to about 24th in Predator and sneaked up into 100th in Dominator! Will probably be the last I see of it as fast as this seems to be moving (and having only one good lineup with a 7-hour CD for this level), but pretty pleased to have moved up through the ranks and gotten there without any losses (knock on wood!)

I’m really bummed that it won’t be Ceno which I would have had a better chance in. Not just because he’s a good creature to have, but mammoths have been a favorite of mine, ever since learning about the La Brea Tar Pits as a kid and imagining those great animals stuck and at the mercy of predators. And then being a fan of the Earth’s Children book series by Jean Auel in which they figure prominently. Although that one had as disappointing an end as Game of Thrones! The earlier books though were hugely popular, based during the Paleolithic age and revolving around the conflict between Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man.

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Wow, did the opponents just get tougher? I’m getting my ass whopped by lvl 20 tournament hybrids. Plus the tournament is breaking the light speed record. Not sure if i can last.

As fast as it’s moving, that makes my decision in terms of whether to level up some of my VIPs an easy one. Even if I did, I’m still not sure I could keep up. It’s probably give me an outside chance to sneak in at the last minute perhaps, but I’d rather wait until I collect more of the different classes (I seem to just keep getting carnivores and pteros).

Here’s the bottom of my dominator bracket. I got in on a trio of level 40 super-rares (Ankylosaurus, Postosuchus, and Aerotitan)

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Of course, my next four battles were ugly

Wow, I really surprised myself by winning another and getting up to spot #100 in Dominator again with a nice 36 trophies. And then dropped back out again in minutes. One of these times maybe I’ll win something good in Dominator but I only seem to at best get the cheaper DNA rewards.

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My swarm of bad matches ended thankfully and was able to climb back up. Prize wheel generosity continues with bucks and DNA. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Mine has been all over the place. DNA and bucks and low food and coins

Finally made a full run

Not me, but I can’t really play enough rounds to provide any statistical insight. I very rarely get anything other than coins and food and if I do, it’s a small DNA reward (100 was my best prize today so far).

The AI definitely seems to be playing very different in the tournament than in PvP matches. The computer seems to frequently use the minimum needed to kill me when I’ve reserved points, when in PvP they far more often add the extra points to account for what was reserved. As if it wasn’t hard enough already trying to battle ones that are much about 50% higher than mine. I really don’t know how else I could possibly have played it. So frustrated as because of this, I just lost a match by only about 100 health points because in EVERY round he was hitting me with just the minimum needed, even though I would have 3 or 4 reserved. So I just never could get ahead. That win would have moved me back up to Dominator and kept me in contention. Now I’ll have to try and play catchup again.

Is this just more typical of how the AI plays when it a big advantage over you? Just not sure what else I could have done. I certainly can’t count on him using so few points to attack and throwing some away on blocks.

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So far the tournament is progressing similar to the Ceratosaurus tournament we had a while back. If it holds to the same pattern we will be looking at ~3,000 for the top of Dominator with ~1,350 for 100th place at the end of the tournament. I will continue to update this prediction as I gather more data.

Current results:

In the bottom of Dominator I am experiencing around 4440 AFS for my team is netting 34 trophies and decent match ups. Somewhere around rank 60 in Dominator this no longer worked and I needed to star bringing teams with 5,400 AFS to get reasonable match ups.

Towards the top of predator it was ~4,000 AFS for a reasonable match up. You might be bale to get away with something around 3,600 but I brought a team with 3,361 at rank 4 in predator to test the limit and was met with a 78% disadvantage.


Did you consider that this tournament is lasting till Tuesday? That’s one more day as they used to last for some time now.
I try to keep a lot of dinos in reserve because there are quite a lot additional events to appear from today until Tuesday. This strategy could cause some complications for me to stay in dominator until the end. Maybe I must decide to skip some of the events to come.


Tommi, Unlocking the mammoth is my priority, I already decided any other events come second as my Ceno line up is so bad, I really need to focus on improving it


That is a wise decision @NatoPMT. I will do the same, maybe there are some reserves to do the one or the other event.

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