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Woolly Mammoth


Did it spawn in the wild?

Yes, it’s global anytime , at least for now

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Maybe they will keep them spawning only in the winter

Yeah I also up with this idea

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I just found one next to my house. I was so excited to see it, I spazzed darting and only managed to get 75/150. If I were at a higher level, that probably would have been enough hits to unlock it. But still, I’m happy I was able to see one and hope I can unlock it if I ever see another. It’s challenging to find most things in my isolated rural town.


I found it in the wild and later I had it even in a 20 min scent.

I was just hanging out on the couch and look what popped up but unlikely I missed two tail shots and got 137 dna


I got one early this morning. He’s in my sanctuary slowly building…


Knowing my luck, I’ll have it by the release notes of 1.12


I just got one in a regular five-minute scent capsule! Was finally able to unlock it. I love it so, so much, I want to shnoogle it 24/7. I’ve named her Snuffy, because she looks like Mr. Snuffleupagus. We’re going to have some “alone time” now… :clinking_glasses:


Did you test her out in battle?

I did over in Campaigns. She’s only LV11 right now, so not grown up enough to go into PvP battle yet, but she was pretty good in test practice. She really means business with the Armor Piercing Rampage; I’ve never seen any creature throw as massive a fit — roaring, stomping, blood splattering everywhere… If you do the Persistent Ferocious Strike first, holy cow. She’s fun!


wait, they do spawn on the map?

then what the heck is this i found in the field guide app? are they lying to me?!


The field guide is confusing me too. :thinking:

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Oh ya it’s for a limited time event till next Tuesday one week

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I found one Woolly Mammoth tonight. It really caught me by surprise. I had to reboot my game and when I opened it, there she was! I found it in a random spot in zone 4. I hope to find another one so I can create it.

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Ahhh!!! Thanks! That explains it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder if they will get nest spawns or just remain event creatures? :thinking:

I hope to find more before Tuesday. :grimacing:

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Is this mentioned officially somewhere?

When it is vulnerable its shine is purple. I don’t know if it is supposed to be like that. lol