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Woolly Rhino Situation

I see people saying that ‘rhino needs a nerf’ or ‘rhino is too op’. It’s really not. I have a level 23 woolly rhino in aviary (4700) with 4000 health, just over 1300 attack and 110 speed. it basically gets crushed by around 75% of what it faces. Rhino’s only good quality is the swap in stun, which is only a 66% chance to pull off the stun. Not to mention rhino is an event exclusive epic, it kind of deserves to have good/decent stats as it’s hard to get dna for. Rhino’s attacks aren’t the greatest either. The shielded strike is alright, the resilient impact is good and the instant invincibility is basically useless. If it did come down to a nerf, it would be okay it’s strike got changed or it lost maybe 100 health, I wouldn’t really mind. But it needs the attack stat unchanged (or maybe nerfed by 50 for you who complain about it) due to its mediocre moveset. The only really strong rhino’s are seen in maybe the top 1000 player’s teams where BOOSTS are the things making rhino op.

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Well when you swap rhino it Cannot be swaped.i guess those 75% you mentioned are when a thor or tryko comes in and one shots it.


In my opinion, Woolly Rhino is perfectly fine. I’ve used her a lot and had her used against me, and I see no issues with her at all.

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you use rhino for its swap in. the best in the game. tap something then swap in rhino for the finish. 1500 base damage on a swap in is kinda ridiculous (yes i mean magun’s as well)


Not really, yes they do destroy it though. I’m talking things like draco’s, allosino’s, indoms even monostegotops. I know these are also pretty good creatures, but my rhino didn’t really stand a chance against them.

Oki i dont mind rhino too.maybe because i dont see it in aviary or just think that rat’s swap in rend is better
Maybe not better but more frequent than swap in stun

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That’s correct, but as I said it’s a 66% chance to get the stun. If you don’t get that stun, your rhino is dead, end of story. Other swap in stubs like monostegotops and monolorhino have the lower attack because their moveset is good. Stegotops has its stunning and slowing impact, rhino has its shielding attacks (with 30% base armour added on top) and definite impact. Rhino only really has its resilient impact. I’m just saying that rhino is quite underpowered when compared to similar creatures. Basically rhino has to rely on its swap in damage and the stun to be good.

Same here, I just see people saying it needs a nerf and I’ve put a lot of work to get my rhino to where it is. Guess I’m just abit nervous that they will nerf it and my 1000’s of rhino dna that could have then been used on monolorhino have been wasted.

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why are you banking on the stun? the stun is the after effect. most are just gonna swap in for the guaranteed damage to finish a creature. my only issue with it is that exact point. the guaranteed damage that it can do on swap in. you can’t predict the swap unless you’ve already seen it once and there aren’t enough on escape abilities around as preventative measures. would i decrease rhino’s base attack? no. would i change its swap in to be a lesser version of itself? most likely.


I think most don’t use that 1.5k swap to stun, only that stun probability is for a strategy. the scrub uses it as gratuitous damage, because they only have to keep until they can flee and do the stupid cycle again

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The cycle can’t really be done twice. Because of the swap lock, rhino usually dies before it can be swapped out again.

True again, but when rhino has swapped in and killed something, it’s pretty much guaranteed to die to the next creature. Nerfing the swap in attack is just gonna kill rhino off completely as the swap in damage is it’s only useful factor.

i’ve used rhino a lot in tournaments. it isnt about getting to swap out like DC does. it’s coming in and setting up your follow up creature. how that happens is different depending on what you got in the back and what the opponent brings in.

or you know. swap in at the end of the match for the finish. that’s always an option available. (one i hate with a passion, but if someone was able to hold their own until that point, gotta give them the win there)

but there is a reason why some top teams run both W rhino and M rhino.


No, it is not guaranteed.

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The fact it generaly made it’s way onto the team of most likley uniqes is a problem it does not have to compete with those uniqes agains wich it’s considerd only decent, it has to compete agains other epic in tournaments wich is where it’s considerd op

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You’re not using it the same way others are then if this is your assessment.

Having the Rhino on your bench means giving your current creature a faster-than-instant armor-piercing impact/rampage. Unlike the Dracoceratops, your damage boosts to this creature directly affect this attack; depending on the opposition, and Cunnings with low health in particular, it can be a one-shot kill. Unlike with the DC, a Cunning user could have only taken a minor hit and still have more than 40 or even 60% of its health left and the Rhino could end it. A well-set-up play is already interrupted by swap-in hits, and the Rhino is one of the most powerful.

The stun is just icing on the cake if you’ve boosted more than the attack; if you have the speed and/or health buffs, plenty of creatures will get dropped after that swap.

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I hate this the most. Thing is, it happens most when we’ve both held our own; we’re both at two knockouts each, and I’ve set myself up that the current creature doesn’t have the ability to kill mine, so I’ve either won on the next hit or I take a good chunk off the incoming if they swap. But if they swap into one of these abominations doing damage before I can? They won, even though I played the better game.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I was hanging by a sliver of life, although it would still be embittering. But 40% is a LOT of health, and I’ve been hit by a Rhino for well over 2K so far when any non-attack swap-in would have had to eat 3K+ on the setup.

And don’t get me started on the “you need to expect a swap in attack,” because if I’ve already set up a win with a margin of health and the speed on my side, swapping myself is literally throwing my advantage out the window in case maybe they have a Rhino.

Dark slumbering gods, do I hate swap-in attacks.


Wooly Rhino is more problematic in tournaments. In arena has same issue as apex creatures, lvls.

Though 2734 swap in attack by lvl 30, max attack boosted Rhino is no joke.

Rhino need some slight changes. Small attack nerf to 1400 at least. That way one hit and swap to Rhino won’t be a tactic anymore in tournaments, at least in most cases.


Diplodocus can also be stupidly powerful at L30 boosted. 8300 health with 2734 damage and 112 speed with swap in slow.

If it gets a damage reduction to 1000-1100 and then a armor buff to 30% it would be fine.