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Woolly Rhino Situation

Same can be said for monostegotops and it’s completely trash

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Same, I chose rhino because it can do more damage in its swap in. If rhino gets nerfed to mono’s damage level, 1000’s of wasted rhino dna which is really hard to obtain.

Every time we have a Unique skill tournament, Monolorhino is one of the creatures everybody uses, extremely decisive in matches, and that’s with same level, no boosts. I started using mine at level 27 halfway boosted in the middle of my fully boosted level 30 team and it was already a game changer. So no, Monolorhino is no joke… Same goes for epic Rhino… I GUARANTEE you that if its damage got nerfed to, let’s say, 1300, it would STILL be the most used creature in epic tourneys.

I keep mentioning tourneys because that’s how you evaluate a creature’s strenght. On equal grounds against others. And the argument that the rhino should be stronger because it’s harder to obtain doesn’t work for me… That’s no excuse to ruin the balance of the matches like it does. No creature should be able to swap into another at full HP, stun it, and then force it to swap out or die. Epic Rhino can do that against an opponent with 3750 HP or lower. That’s absurd!

You said you started using rhino at level 27, for us who can only get it at levels 21-23 monolorhino is bad.

You said “level for level”. And at same level situation I’d prefer Monolorhino than Epic Rhino any day.

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I literally just said it’s best unique since Tryko

If you think mrhino is strong wait until cera

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Isn’t a max boosted lvl 30 Rhino 2250 swap in damage? Thats INSANE.

That’s mrhino max boosted normal rhino is 2800

Gosh, that’s a ridiculous amount of swap in damage…

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When it’s a really high level with lots of boosts, it’s good. For me, if I never levelled rhino over level 20, would only have a level 22 to maybe 24 monolorhino. Who at level 24, would have only scraped 1100 damage which is really not great compared to what you face in aviary pvp. With 5 attack boosts, which i plan to put on my rhino, mono doesn’t even reach 1300 damage at level 24. Whereas my rhino would reach 1460 at level 23.

Mono has a much better 1v1 and survivability tho, and can 1v1 Magnus

1v1 magnus??? How would that go

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Shield, shields, cunning, shields, and impact when able to.

The fact it has two of magnus greatest weakness always on hand shows how good Mrhino is against it.

Yeah I can see it’s built around survivability rather than damage output. It’s just that the swap in won’t be as effective as rhino’s.

This is not going to make ANY difference. Some people don’t take into account BOOSTS. That thing can make 2700+ damage on swap in when it’s fully boosted! The attack can remain as it is but they need to reduce swap in damage to 1/3 of what it does now.

Simple change is just to remove swap in stunning strike and may lower attack down to 1400 and add a rampage instead of invis taunt

That makes it a clone of rare rhino just move attack down to 1300 or so

This was shocking.