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Woolly Rhino Situation

Yeah it killed my hadro lux.

As for Woolly Rhino, I’d also like to add that if the opponent is slower, 66% of the time Rhino will be able to get 3750 damage in for free.


Also if they are slowable and if it’s a tanky thing rhino will get even more hits in thanks to shield
So it kills cunnings usually takes 3750 out of fierce and nearly kills resilient also it has the best swap in move in the game and just killed the 1v1 best dino lol and a 200 damage nerf is too much?

Why not 1200, like monolorhino. So you actually have a reason to use it still. If it has 1000ish attack, everyone is gonna go back to sinoceratops and triceratops and THE GOD FORSAKEN OVERLEVELED EINIASUCHUS.
Yeah, I find too many of these

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I have one at level 22 but yeah let’s definitely not bring that old thing out of the shed a rhino nerf to 1300 would satisfy me

I CONSTANTLY find level 30s and my team with an average of level 21 can’t handle it, too much health and armor.

Oof well stuff like thyla and thor kills him

Well, they kinda kill my Thor and THEN send it out. Tbh, I need more fierce creatures, indo and Thor aren’t cutting it, and I’d hardly call an unboosted monolorhino a resilient counter.

Well not terrible but also not the solution to the problem especially that the you still swap after dying bug is back

It’s not a bug. Dying only stops you from running away, not manually swapping.

Well didn’t ludia say before that should happen even when manually swapping I remember that from somewhere

Nope. That’s why they specified that it only affects hit-and-run moves.
It’s also why 4 takedowns have always been possible without bugs.