Woolly Rhino Strike, why use distraction?

Why would distraction be any good against resilient rhinos who can all cleanse distraction? Surely bringing cunning creatures against resilient armored dinos would be setting us up to fail. And why wouldn’t shields be any use, when none of them have shield breaking moves?

If I was a cynical person, I’d suggest Ludia wanted players to lose so they’d have to fork out to try again…


I think that is from an old version, when they use to have definitive moves

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Lol ludia change this desc. You need high armor, health, bleeding, and rending these days.

oh boy it’s woolly rhino use distraction to counter its distraction cleansing moves, you better not use shields because it doesn’t break them


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And in today’s strike, bring instant distraction that will have zero effect on the immune Velociraptor.