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Woolly Rhino

Finally did campaign 72 and 73 and got a nice bonus…


Awesome! Please show the moves?


How many lebel 28 dinos do i need for mission 72?

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Looks like a rock but no paper will cover those horns. However scissors would take the wool right off that rhino.


What’s the moves


4 … bit easier since the update but still hard


Huh interesting but if had to choose between this and the mammoth I choose mammoth overall. But for speedsters and evaders it’s the rhino

Although it brings up a good question who would win in a fight the mammoth or the rhino

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Looks awesome!

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Just popped it in my alliance’s L20 sanctuary - its FIPing time!

I think the mammoth, though i don’t know their stats yet
In real life the mammoth without a doubt :laughing:

Not convinced - have you seen the size of that horn?
It’s sanctuary animation is good

Well, the size difference is noteworthy, and in Africa elephants kill rhinos with very big horns as well, quite frequently. Not heard of any incident of a rhino killing an elephant, though i don’t believe it’s totally Impossible, but the rhino would have to be smart enough, and they are not really smart compared to an elephant. So it’s extremely unlikely imo. But i guess If we picked individuals as close in size as possible( even female wholly mammoths were bigger than the biggest wholly rhinos, with about 1 ton of difference) the rhino could have a chance.

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Good point about relative intelligence levels …

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Awesome congrats.

I don’t think I’ll beat campaign. I’m stuck on 70.

But then you got to remember that there horns unlike there cousins were more curved so they have to charge and thrust to get a deadly shot plus elephants are actually quite noble and fast they can run faster than us( shows how pitiful humans are)

And while true there horn size is impressive have ya seen a mammoths tusks they really huge but again unlike there modern ancestors they were curved but that made better at taking and battering foes

Also got there stats
image image