Wooly Mammoth 100% Strat

I know @Qaw already made one, but the more the merrier


there is one simpler one done in 3 turns:0
thylacotator 1: maiming wound/superiority strike/(dead)
thylacotator 2,3,4 : maiming would/prowl/rending takedown
one thyla must sacrifice itself and go superiority strike one turn 2

Is there a strategy that only requires three people?

There is another. 4 Suchotator.

Turn 1, all 4 bleed. Mammoth bleeds out

Turn 2, 2 of the Suchos Instant Distract the other 2 use Nullifying and Mammoth bleeds out again

Turn 3, The 2 Suchos who used instant distract now use Nullifying and the other 2 use Instant distract. Mammoth bleeds out and he is beaten in 3 turns.

All of our Suchos were lvl 15 non boosted The bleed did over 6800 damage

Yes but this one is more diverse so you don’t need 3 Thylos


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Edmontoguanadon, Thylacotator, and something with multiple cunning moves. My team used Monolophasaurus Gen 1 for this spot. Edmonto and thyla do their thing and your cunning creature keeps mammo distracted and removes its attack increase.

I like it. I actually made a strategy that lets you take advantage of the sloths immense powers :grin:

Yeah, that or the 3 thyla 1 spinota one. That one is also 3 turns.

someone say…sloth https://youtu.be/q7i1AEb2w3o

We just do this real quick.
Once the whole alliance is on board you just wake up, blind invite alliance peeps, knock it out.
Doesn’t even need discord interaction and it allows you to move on to raids that need coordination.
There are many strats that work.
Just make sure your entire alliance agrees with one.

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