Wooly Mammoth 3 man raid

Hello, anyone already succeded with 3 man on the Wooly Mammoth boss? What is the easiest way? The closest we have been was 15 Ourano and 2x Pyroraptor but ended in the 3rd round…

Managed with Yoshi, Edmonto and Indominus but it took a little too long. I suggest 4 manning it, it can be done with in 3 turns.

It’s not a 3-man raid but it worked, we forgot what the suchotator did so you might need to switch his moves out.

UPDATE: We redid it but with a lvl 12 such. and a lvl 15 edg.

I asked this elsewhere, someone said they beat it with Anklyosaurus, Proceratomimus and Edmontoguandon, haven’t tried it myself yet but sounds promising on paper

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It can be done with 2 Suchotators and any healer. And pretty much any level, we have done it with level 11’s. The bleed is really all you need. Edmontoguandon is the better healer but not necessary. Bleed move 1, one sucho distracts while the other nulify, next turn run the opposite. Heal when needed. On a different note if you run 4 Suchotators its dead in 4 turns.


Beat is this 3 tylas 1 spinotha,

Thylas:bleed, prowl, takedown

Spino:bleed, cunning impact, any move(tho it should die turn 2

It’s dead in 3 turns, not with just 3 but i imagane it’s possible with something like thyla, edmontodon and yoshi or gamma

Here’s a way I beat it with 3 creatures.

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4 sloths :slight_smile: takes a while but never really lays a glove on you if you want to speed it up throw in an irritator…now mind you this was done with 2 lvl 1 5 sloths and 1 lvl1 yes lvl1 sloth :slight_smile: its the most fun and will never fail
otherwise 4 indominus rex gen 2 2 cloak 2 mutual
2 hit 2 cloak
2 hit 2 mutual
that might also be trex…so many raids

I’ve done It once with 3 people, we used one Thyla, one suchotator and one ankylocodon, but It was really close

We have used the strategy mentioned above. 2 Suchotators and edmontoiguanadon. Works great!