Wooly Rhiboa

So I gave this hybrid similar stats to Titanoboa and Wooly Rhino, but tried to give it good attack based partially on trykosaurus.

My goal was to make a creature that I would honestly put on my team.

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please no dont add this to the game its cursed


That was my goal…… to make it cursed

how will it function simply tell me that

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how will it give birth breed feed circulate blood and do other stuff

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Why not Legendary instead of Unique? Let’s not make CompyC’s case more common, please.


Wdym? It doesnt matter how the insides work as long as the outside is cool for a game, i could see it looking kinda cool


Like the resilient impact could be the snake slithering at the screen then stabbing with the horn

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You know, since this only has one horn, you could make it with Elasmotherium instead.

I don’t think you want to know……

I wonder how woolly snake will crawl…

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Probably like other snakes just slower because of the added weight

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