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WoopiDiDoooo! Test of Might Edition

So the grand prize for the current test of might event is… a common pack! Really? With an 800 coin recharge? The chest at 5 wins is better…

What a waste.

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Lol, yes, why??:joy::joy::joy:

I don’t mind it. It’s a simple ToM. Most people won’t get the bonus chest at the end. It’s only technically worth it, but most will at least play the first 5. So imagine it’s instead a nice little short 5 win ToM, with a little extra bonus if you have tried left. Don’t worry about the reset cost and ignore it. :slight_smile:

Meh. If you are going to have a progressive event, at least make an effort to have the prizes get better.


It seems to be designed to reclaim resources from beginners who do not know better.

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We are being trolled. :slight_smile: