Woot free gold just for shooting your Dino’s!


Hey all get your targets on and get outstanding on your Dino’s and get free money…


Nice scores, what level are you?


15 almost 16 soon just need more coins to evolve stuff.


322… Lol please teach me how :slight_smile:


Wow is this real? I’ve had “outstanding” shots too but they never rewarded me any coin. Granted, they were like 217 not 300+ because I’m lower level but still. Interesting


My highest ever has been 99 lol (I’m still lvl 5)


I guess it’s only for VIPs.


I’m VIP so it’s not that :thinking:


Drat. I’ve never broken 200 :frowning:


This is one of the contents included in the last update. Every outstanding score will.reward you with an extra 20 coins


Then I’m out of luck, highest I’ve ever got is like 152…and I’m level 8 so im assuming I just suck at the target mini game lol


Ok so update!!! The screen shows the coins but after further testing you don’t actually get the 20 bonus coins. Maybe not active yet but it should not show the bonus if they are not actively giving it out. Ludia please fix ASAP!!!

And if it should be working you owe me 260 coins so far. :kissing_heart:


The real question is, how do you have 470 darts?


I still get lucky if I break 120 on a common. I have shaky hands due to lingering nerve damage, so…


Battle incubators add darts past the 140 limit.


@Neodeadalus try restarting the app. I had the same issue but after restarting the coins appeared xD