Woot status

I’m just gonna set this riiight here

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Good luck! Very rare chest. Maybe a legendary!

Sadly no, I blew gems to open it because I was hopeful for a legendary lol

I did the same on my red chest and no legendary :disappointed_relieved:

I’ve never received a legendary from a Battle Arena chest. I’ve opened a red one (level 2) and several purple, blue, jeweled and brown at all levels (mostly level 7 recently) and i’ve Never received anything good from the Arena chests. I’ve received 4 epics from them but that’s it. It always makes me laugh when they have a really expensive special offers that include battle arena chests, as if that were at all enticing based on what we get from Arena chests. I have 14 legendary items, all from equipment packs or explore rewards. Nothing from the arena.
PVP is horrible and the rewards are bad.