Woow, just wow


So i just fought this guy, no idea How He managed to pay for that raptor daaamn.


this game is P2W. Simple. people who spend money on this game are in the top ranks.


You have obviously paid quite a bit for this game as well. why are you complaining?


OMG. you spent 100 dollars on a phone game? Too each their own.


Only 100bucks if not less and i played The game for Almost 5months now. And because my highest is lvl 21 easy access too.


Keep in mind we just had 48 attempts at raptors in the park! Hmm a good name for a movie “Raptors in the park” a tense thriller about velociraptors taking over a park! Similar to Snakes on a plane!!


mine is level 24. i think it was 100K to level from 23 to 24. wonder what it costs above that?


I’m so sick of these mother … raptors in this mother … park :thinking:


That’s insane. Also, gotta love the crap talkers, eh? Haha




A shirtload! That’s for sure!