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Work as a community to earn medals?

Alright boys this is something I thought about that could help everyone out. If your having trouble progressing your probably in the lower parts of arena like me because of op teams. So I figured if enough of us lower arena people put our defenses really weak we could create a cycle where we farm each other’s teams and be at a point where we can make a good amount of medals by staying at a certain point in arena where we all have weak defenses. It’s the only way I can think of where people who don’t have 6-7k teams can get a constant amount of medals without having to worry about getting strong teams every time we reroll.


I agree this is the best way to go to get all arena shop stuff


Hmmm. So forget trophies as we’ll never get in the top 200, but focus on medals so we can buy stuff… I might try it. My trophies are just going down anyway - at reset was on 1036 I think, now I have trouble staying at 1000.


I didn’t think of it this way but this does sound like a good idea,with the way this Arena system is, how hard other players teams are to beat.
We should all have weaker defense teams so all F2P players can benefit from wins against one another.

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That’s exactly what I am doing. I just though if I drop low enough I may keep my win streak more easily. Since one can get extra medals for the dragons one defeats, I say we just create teams of hatchlings to make them weak enough. I am kind of upset when I face teams with only one dragon because I don’t get medals from the rest 5 empty slots.


@Wodensfang That is a very good point. Players seeking to create a junk defense team should use up all available slots so that the attacker can get more medals. You should mention that tactic on the Discord server.


I just commented on this on someone else’s thread. This is what I started to do as well. I have a super low defense team as to lose trophies and hopefully being able to win some medals once I start matching up with weaker teams I might stand a chance against


For some reasons I don’t want to use discord so I think maybe you can do this for me.

I would try to implement it too, but… not one attacks me. I have to lose manually, and lose I do. And lots of it :wink:

I guess many players just get upset and don’t even bother to enter arena and just leave their teams there.

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I was doing that too, but… I want the Claiverdriver TPs and sheep.

He hasn’t, I checked. But… I just did. This was after all an expanding to my mate’s @AlphaAva idea. It’s been shared now and whoever wants can follow. You’re welcome :wink:

Well, all of you who had this strategy planned and developed really. I’m just the messenger here.

And I, ah, somehow forgot the original poster. Sorry @Drakon277

Well I actually thought of sandbagging independently a few days after the arena comes out in the first season. I have been using this strategy since the first season when I find my opponents are getting stronger than me. But with all the bots I hardly get attacked, and in this season I guess it’s because many have lost faith in winning but still don’t want to drop, or they just leave but their teams are still there. I would say protection is something seemingly stupid now because getting attacked can be a more efficient way to earn trophies than attack other players, as many are losing much more often than they win.


I never even thought about this, but I see the logic in it. Seems like a pretty good idea to me since Arena is frustrating and broken as heck (I admit I kind of miss the bots now lol) so I’m going to try out the lower defence team method and forwarded the idea to my clan as well. I really miss getting the trophy rewards from last season (made me kind of enjoy PvP where I usually hate it haha) but now it’s basically impossible and will take me like, 10 years to get the Deathgripper with my fantastic losing streak. Grinding medals this way sounds like the best suggestion, and hopefully there will be enough people to do the same.