Working on a Tier List for my Custom Creatures

Since a new Gamepress tier list has released, I’ve decided to try making my own tier list, using my custom creatures. Here’s how this topic will work.

I’ll show some creatures, then run a vote for what tier it should be in. The tier list will use the same tiers as the ones Gamepress uses, and will be based on the creature’s viability with no boosts added. If people want to see a specific 1v1 matchup with the creature, I can show it.


Here’s the first batch of creatures. Voting will begin shortly

  • Postomoloch Survivor
  • Postomoloch Beta
  • Postomoloch Alpha Low
  • Bajatomoloch Alpha Low
  • Bajatomoloch Alpha High
  • Bajatomoloch Elite Low
  • Ornithotomoloch Elite Mid
  • Ornithotomoloch Elite High
  • Ornithotomoloch Tyrant Low

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